6 Reasons Why English is The Global Language

6 Reasons Why English is The Global Language

Do you speak English?

No person in the world who doesn’t know to answer this question because they probably speak English.

Or at least speak to all of you who read this.

Recently, it seems like basically everyone speaks or is learning English, whether it is because of business, career opportunities, or the possibility of communicating with others or education.

But why is English so widely spoken?

Why is English considered the global language?

The answer is in the following lines: in the next 6 reasons why English is the global language.

Let’s dive in.

Why is English Used in So Many Places?

Called the international language of business and lingua franca of the modern world, English is spoken by 350 million worldwide while more than 430 million speak as a second. In most countries around the world, you can find English speakers.

Nowadays, English is like the ‘bridge’ language that connects people from all over the globe.

So, why is English used in so many places?

Is it because it is the most accessible language to learn?

Or perhaps the explanation is that different versions of the language are spoken in practically every country on the planet?

The following 6 reasons will clear your doubts.

6 Reasons Why English Is The Global Language

If you want to do something about your career and have many fantastic opportunities, speaking English is essential.

In case you would like to travel the world, meet new people and cultures, you have to know English to communicate with them.

Whether your ambitions lie in technology, science, or even literature and art, you guess, English again.

As you see, wherever you go or whatever you do, you come across to know English in the end.

These 6 reasons will thoroughly show you why English is a global and international language.

British Colonization And Trading Business

The first and most apparent reason why English became so widely spoken is thanks to the British empire.

Britain colonized a quarter of the planet after starting a trading business with Asia and Africa. Before that, only on The Island  English was spoken.

Very soon after trading business, the English started to settle worldwide, so, naturally, the language began to spread.

Very quickly, it became the language of the educated people and trading business, and the main tool of poetry, philosophy, and literature.

The USA And American English Expansion

The spreading of the English language between and after the two world wars was even more significant.

The period between the two world wars was a really tough one. 

The USA, however, started to spread its business trading all over the world, just like Britain did in the previous centuries, which made the language continue spreading and making more and more people use it.

This way, the usage of the language had never stopped. It only continued the British impact.

Of course that American English and British English have some differences but they are, generally, only two variations of one language.

The Domination of Music And Film

The USA influenced a lot to the world, especially in the name of music and film.

Rock 'n' roll, jazz, and other popular music and movies became so popular and favorite that they influenced people all over the globe. 

As for the film, during the 1960s, with social changes and the hippie movement, the new form of movies became famous, not only in the USA but also in other countries.

Thanks to music and movies, English became the language of the masses and the one language to help people from every part of the world connect and communicate with each other.

The Language of Business And Travel

We've explained how English became the international language of business and trading.

The British started with it, the Americans continued, and the rest of the world embraced the language as one communication tool where they can work together pretty nicely.

No business person in the world doesn't speak English, at least on a decent proficiency level.

Those who speak it on a more advanced level always have nice opportunities to climb up the 'carrier' stairs and get more possibilities for better job possibilities.

As much as they seem distant, business and traveling are actually closely connected, so no wonder that English is also the language of travel. Whichever country you visit, the locals will likely speak English than your native language.

Moreover, there are so many English-speaking countries all across the globe, among different nations and colors, that it became the standard language to speak with others.

The Language of Technology

Interestingly, during the American expansion to the world and the popularity of music and Hollywood movies, they invented the internet.

Therefore, English became sort of a superpower and an unofficial language of the internet.

Moreover, the hardware for all the technologies uses English and the keyboard the Latin alphabet.

Scientists also use English for their paperwork and research because their colleagues from other countries can see the latest information or share the experience.

English is Easy to Learn

Sure English isn’t the easiest language to learn, but it definitely isn’t among the hardest ones either.

The pronunciation sometimes can be challenging, especially to learn to read and write because it seems like just when you got it, there’s no logic in it.

Apart from that, English is spoken in practically every part of the world, so it can be pretty easy to find a professional English tutor or helpful and efficient language learning resources.

Moreover, today everything on the internet is in English, so even if you don’t want to learn the language, you will know at least the basics.

Exposure to the English world and language is available to everyone through media, books, music, films, and every little thing that can come to your mind. 

Final Thoughts

We could continue with the reasons on and on of why is English considered the global language, and still, we wouldn’t finish naming them.

However, we think that you are now familiar with how English is essential and why all the planet speaks it.

Now that you are aware by yourself, what stops you from learning this global language? 

So, don’t wait any longer and start right away.

Why is English a global language?

British Colonization And Trading Business, The USA And American English Expansion, The Domination of Music And Film, The Language of Business And Travel, The Language of Technology

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