What Language Should I Learn Based on My Personality?

What Language Should I Learn Based on My Personality?

I'm sure you've heard of astrology. These days it's all over the internet from popular websites telling you what kind of person you should date, where you should live, or the worst one what type of bread are you based on your zodiac sign. No matter how ridiculous it sounds, there are plenty of people out there who take it seriously.

Your personality can determine your life in a lot of ways. Such as how comfortable you are at work, school, or making friends. Personality is so important that it can even change depending on who you're around. When it comes to languages, this works the same way.

Have you ever heard a bilingual person say that their personality changes when they speak their mother tongue? Why is that? Researchers suggest that our personalities change because of the culture shift.

Choosing a new language to learn is exciting. There are so many factors to consider based on how useful it is or the level of difficulty. I want to challenge you to take a new approach. Ask yourself this, what language should I learn based on my personality?

Myers-Briggs Type

Here is a great way to start when looking for a language based on your personality. Google search the Myers-Briggs personality test and take the test. There are a total of 16 different personality type indicators according to the test. Once you get the results take the keywords of the result such as protective, practical, social, or caring. you can use those words to determine which language is the best fit for you.

ISTJ: The Logistician

People who fall under this category tend to be more direct, practical, and logical. If this is your type, you probably thrive in organization and order. You need a language that fits your quiet and reserved interior. Go for a language with clear and concise grammar rules such as Chinese, Swedish, Norwegian, Afrikaans, or Dutch.

ISFP: The Spontaneous Adventurer

This personality type is the friend who would go with you on a last-minute trip or frequently visit art galleries. Art is directly related to our deepest feelings and emotions. That is the atmosphere we're going for. If you've ever dreamed of galavanting the streets of Rome or marveling at the halls of Versaille Palace, go for a Romance language like French or Italian.

ESFP: The Social Butterfly

Are you the life of the party? ESFP personality type is the entertainer who enjoys social interactions of all kinds. It's easy to see why people like this would be drawn to very lively and vibrant cultures. If you're an ESFP go for a language like Spanish or Portuguese. Latin culture is known for fiestas and salsa dancing, while Brazil is famous for the Carnaval season. Either language will complement your fiery and extroverted personality.

INTP: Imaginative

If you're an INTP you are analytical but also curious about the world. You don't mind a challenge when it comes your way. Harder grammar and word sounds probably don't scare you as much as they would with other people. Take the challenge and dive into a language like Arabic, Japanese, or Russian. These languages will show you a different side of the world and a whole new way to think.


Choosing a new language to learn is all about your preferences or how you want to use it in your life. Looking at how you are as a person is a fun and interesting approach to choosing a language.

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