55 Ways To Say Goodbye In Other Languages

55 Ways To Say Goodbye In Other Languages

As Juliet told Romeo, “Parting is such sweet sorrow.”

While leaving friends or family can be bittersweet, it can also be the key to more new adventures! 

In case you are traveling to a new country to work or live, it will be smart to learn a few basic words and phrases including how to say “goodbye”.

Every country in the world has its own ways to part from their family and friends or to politely bring a conversation to an end. If you are curious, you should check out this list of ways to say goodbye in other languages.

1. Adiós

Language: Spanish

Pronounced: ah-THYOSHS

Adiós is one of the many ways that Spanish have to say “goodbye”. You can check out other Spanish words and phrases for “goodbye” in our blog post here

2. Addio

Language: Italian

Pronounced: ahd-DEEH-oh

Spanish and Italian are both classified as Romance Languages, which are languages that evolved from Latin. Given that, there are many words in both that sound similar and mean the same thing. Case to point, “addio” or goodbye in Italian is similar in sound and meaning to “adiós” in Spanish.

3. Adeus

Language: Portuguese

Pronounced: ah-deh-ooSH

Portuguese is another Romance Language, so the Portuguese word for goodbye sounds quite like the Italian and Spanish word for goodbye.

4. Adieu

Language: French

Pronounced: ah-DYOH

This is one way that you can say goodbye in French. “Adieu” is a combination of two words “a” and “dieu” which basically translates as “to God” so this phrase is similar to “God be with you” or “God speed”. So you are basically wishing for God’s protection on someone who is leaving. 

5. Adjö

Language: Swedish

Pronounced: ah-YEU

This is a Swedish word to say “goodbye” that is supposed to have come from the French word “adieu”. 

 6. Alvida

Language: Punjabi

Pronunciation: al-VI-da

7. Annyeong

Language: Korean

Pronounced: AN-nyeong

This is how you can say “goodbye” if you are among people who speak and understand Korean.

8. Antio sas

Language: Greek

Pronounced: ann-tee-oh-sass

You can use this phrase to say “goodbye” to someone who speaks or understands Greek. 

 9. Arrivederci

Language: Italian

Pronounced: ahr-REE-va-DER-chee

This is another Italian word used to say goodbye and is basically translated to “until we see each other again”. It is a combination of “a” which is Italian for “until” and “rivederci” which is “we see each other again”.

10. Au Revior

Language: French

Pronounced: oh-VWAHR

This is another common phrase that French speakers use to say “goodbye” to someone. 

11. Auf Widersehen

Language: German

Pronounced: owf-VEE-der-zayn

This is a basic way that you can say “goodbye” to someone in German.

12. Biday

Language: Bengali

Pronounced: bi-day

This is the Bengali word that translates to “goodbye”, though it isn’t much in use and you are more likely to hear a Bengali speaker just use the English phrase “bye”, or the Bengali phrase we’re going to talk about below.

13. Bhalo theko

Language: Bengali

Pronounced: halo-TE-ko

This Bengali phrase is a more common way to say goodbye than “biday”. It translates to something like “take care” and is used when someone is leaving a certain group of people for now.

14. Bless

Language: Icelandic

Pronounced: bleh-s

Icelandic speakers say this when they want to say “goodbye”. You might hear it said twice, “bless bless”, a lot but whether you say it once or twice, it means “goodbye”.

15. Choum reap lear

Language: Cambodian Khmer

Pronounced: jom-REE-up-LEE-er

This is the formal way to say “goodbye” in Cambodian Khmer.

16. Dag

Language: Dutch

Pronounced: DACH

You can use this simple phrase to say farewell to someone who speaks and understands Dutch

17. Do pobachennya

Language: Ukrainian

Pronounced: doh-poh-ba-CHAN-ya

This phrase is what you can use if you need to say “goodbye” to someone who speaks Ukrainian.

18. Dos svidaniya

Language: Russian

Pronounced: do-sve-DAN-ya

You can use this phrase if you want to take your leave of a group of Russian speakers. The literal translation is something like, “until the next time we meet”.

19. Do zobaczenia

Language: Polish

Pronounced: doh-soh-bah-CHAN-ya

This phrase is used by Polish speakers to say “goodbye”.

20. Dovidenja

Language: Croatian

Pronounced: doh-vee-JEN-ya

This is a common Croatian phrase that is used to say “goodbye”.

21. Farvel 

Language: Danish

Pronounced: fa-VEL

This is a simple Danish phrase that you can use to bid someone “goodbye”.

22. Farvel

Language: Norwegian

Pronounced: FAR-vel

You can also say “Farvel” if you want to say “goodbye” to a Norwegian speaker. 

The difference between a Norwegian “Farvel” and a Danish “Farvel” lies in the syllable to be stressed. The Norwegians place the stress in the first syllable, so it’s FAR-vel. The Danes on the other hand stress the second syllable so it’s more like Fa-VEL.

23. Güle güle

Language: Turkish

Pronounced: goo-lee-goo-ley

This is a common Turkish phrase that is used to say “goodbye”.

24. Hade

Language: Norwegian

Pronounced: HA-day

This is another Norwegian phrase that means “goodbye”

25. Hej

Language: Danish

Pronounced: HEY

Though this Danish word sounds more like “hi” when spoken, it’s actually used more like the informal English “bye”.

26. Hejda

Language: Swedish

Pronounced: HEY-do

This is another word that Swedish speakers use to say “goodbye”. 

27. Jaa ne

Language: Japanese

Pronounced: JA-ne

This is an informal way of saying “goodbye” in Japanese. You can use it when leaving a group of Japanese speaking friends, similar to how you would say “see you” to your English speaking friends.

28. Joigin

Language: Cantonese

Pronounced: JOI-gin

You can say farewell to a Cantonese speaker by saying this phrase.

29. La reverdere

Language: Romanian

Pronounced: LA-re-ve-DEH-re

This is how you can say “goodbye” in Romanian. 

30. Khudā Hāfez

Language: Farsi

Pronounced: Ho-DAH-ah-fez

This Farsi phrase is used to say “goodbye”. It is sometimes shortened to “khodafez”. It translates to “may god be your guardian” as “Khoda” means “god” while “Hāfez” means “protection”.

31. Kwaheri

Language: Swahili

Pronounced: Kwah-hay-ree

If you are around people who speak and understand Swahili, this is the phrase you should use to say “goodbye”.

32. Ma’assalama

Language: Arabic

Pronounced: MA-assa-lama

This phrase translates to “with safety/peace” but it can be used to simply say goodbye to someone.

33. Mirupafshim

Language: Albanian

Pronounced: meer-oo-PAHF-sheem

This is an Albanian phrase which is used to say “goodbye”

34. Näkemiin

Language: Finnish

Pronunciation: NAK-eh-meen

This is the formal word for “goodbye” in Finnish. It comes from the Finish word “nähdä” which means “to see”, so the translation is similar to “until we meet again”.

35. Nasvidenje

Language: Slovene

Pronounced: nas-VEE-dan-yeh

If you want to take your leave from a group of Slovene speakers, you can say this.

36. Paalam

Language: Tagalog

Pronounced: puh-AH-lam

You can use this word to say “goodbye” to a Tagalog speaker. You might also hear “Paalam na” which is basically the same thing. 

37. Sampai Jumpa

Language: Indonesian

Pronounced: SAM-pai-jum-PA

You can use this Indonesian phrase to say “goodbye”.

38. Selamat Jalan

Language: Malay

Pronounced: SUH-la-mat-JA-lan

We are going to cover two ways to say “goodbye” in Malay here, the first is “selamat jalan” which is what you say if YOU are staying but someone is leaving. So you are saying “goodbye” to them.

39. Selamat tinggal

Language: Malay

Pronounced: SUH-la-mat-ting-AL

This is another way to say “goodbye” in Malay, this time if you are leaving a group of people.  

40. Sayonara

Language: Japanese

Pronounced: sai-OH-nar-ah

This is the most basic way to say “goodbye” in Japanese

41. Sbohem

Language: Czech

Pronounced: sbo-HEM

If you want to say “goodbye” to a Czech speaker, you can say this.

42. Slán

Language: Irish

Pronounced: slawn

This is how you say “goodbye” in Irish.

43. Totsiens

Language: South African

Pronounced: TOTE-seens 

Because of the big Dutch influence in South Africa, many of their words are influenced by or come from Dutch words. That is the case with this word to say “goodbye” which is actually a combination of two Dutch words; “tot” which means “until” and “zien” which means “see”. So it actually means “until we see each other again”.

44. Tot ziens

Language: Dutch

Pronounced: tut-ZEEN

This is another way Dutch speakers say “goodbye”. As you can see, this is where the South Africans got their word for “goodbye”. 

45. Tschüss

Language: German

Pronounced: Chus

This is another, more informal way of saying “goodbye” to a German speaker.

46. Tstesutyun

Language: Armenian

Pronounced: ts-su-tyoon

This is the phrase for “goodbye” in Armenian.

47. Uz redzēšanos

Language: Latvian

Pronounced: ooz-REHD-zehh-shuh-nohs

This is a phrase that means “goodbye” in Latvian.

48. Viszontlátásra

Language: Hungarian

Pronounced: Vee-sohnt-la-tah-shrah

This is the word for “goodbye” in Hungarian.

49. Zai jian

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Pronounced: tzai-JIEN

You can say this if you want to say “goodbye” to someone who understands Mandarin Chinese. It’s one of those basic Chinese words and phrases that you should learn.

6 Words Used To Say Goodbye – And Hello – In Another Language

Here are a few interesting ways to say goodbye in other languages. We wanted to highlight these because, as you can see, they are phrases that are used by native speakers to both greet someone “hello” and say “goodbye”.

1.  Aloha

Language: Hawaiian

Pronunciation: a-loo-ha

Aloha is sort of an all-purpose greeting in Hawaii. It is used both to welcome someone and bid them farewell. It is used to convey good wishes and affection.

2. Ciao

Language: Italian

Pronounced: CHOW

This is a word that Italians can use to say “goodbye” but they might also use it to greet the new arrival. 

3. Namaste

Language: Hindi

Pronounced: NA-mas-the

This word is uttered by Hindi speakers upon arrival to greet others or to say goodbye when they are leaving.

4. Salut

Language: French

Pronunciation: SA-lut

This French phrase is used as an informal way to say “goodbye”. It is also, however, used to say “hi”.

5. Sawasdee Krab/Ka

Language: Thai

Pronunciation: sa-wa-dee

 This Thai phrase is an all-around greeting that can be used to say “hello” or “goodbye”. You will either use “krab” or “ka” depending on your gender. So, if you are male, say “sawasdee krab” but if you are female, say “sawasdee ka”.

6. Shalom

Language: Hebrew

Pronunciation: SHA-lom

This is another dual purpose greeting, this time in Hebrew. The translation is “peace” but it is used both to welcome someone and to bid them farewell. There is also a more formal way to use “shalom” to say “goodbye”, this is “shalom Aleichem” or “peace be with you”.


Learning the most common words in a foreign language is important if you want to gain fluency. As such, you really need to memorize lists of words and phrases in your target language.

If you want a break, however, or have ambitions of becoming a polyglot, studying lists like this with several phrases that mean the same thing in different languages can be an interesting mental exercise.

Whatever your target language, however, you should make it a point to discuss with an online native speaking tutor the different ways to say goodbye in their language. While many of the “goodbye” phrases here are basic and common enough to be understood by any native speakers, depending on the cultures and traditions, there might be other more appropriate ways that a native speaker will use to part from friends, family, co-workers, superiors, or acquaintances. 

Learning the different, appropriate words and gestures for “goodbye” in a different language will ensure that you don’t accidentally give offense and ensure that, your parting from your new friend is indeed a “sweet sorrow” that will be soothed by the fact that you will see each other again.

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Goodbye for now! And enjoy your language learning journey!

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