35 English Swear Words That You Should Use Carefully

35 English Swear Words That You Should Use Carefully

Do you think swearing is a bad habit?


It’s not polite, that’s for sure. However, swear words are a part of every language and they can sometimes help us reduce stress


English cursing words have different styles and variants, depending on the country. 

With more than 1.5 billion speakers worldwide, English is definitely the most popular and spoken language. 


From American English swearing that can be heard in Hollywood movies, we are heading to Canada, and learning Canadian English bad words. Then we’re off to the Land Down Under with cursing words you definitely want to remember. In the end, we’re landing to the UK to repeat some familiar, and some new British English cursing words.

english curse words are easy to learn

British Swear Words

Although British English is quite sophisticated, sometimes even they can’t resist saying bloody hell or rubbish.

In the following lines, you’ll find a list of curse words British people tend to use.


This word translates to ‘the end of the penis.’

As a cursing word, it’s used in situations similar to American ‘assh*ole’ or ‘d*ck.’

Bloody Hell

The word ‘bloody’ literally means covered or smeared of blood.

It’s also an exclusive British cursing word rarely used in the USA or Canada.

It expresses disgust, and depending on context, it can refer to anger as well. You can use it with other words like ‘bloody moron,’ or ‘bloody brilliant!’


This word is, in other words, s*it. It literally means ‘testicles.’

You can use this word to describe something useless, of poor quality, or nonsense.


This one is a typical British cursing word. To bugger can be translated as to sodomize someone. It refers to someone whose behavior is displeasing or to express dissatisfaction.

However, it’s not a real offensive, but a more mild swear word.

In the USA, it is used as a slang word in some parts of the meaning ‘small critter.’


The word ‘choad’ is another word for the penis that is wider than long. It’s used the same way the word ‘di*k’ is used in the USA.


Among various definitions, according to Urban Dictionary, this isn’t a swear word but a slang. It is an expression of surprise, like when someone shouts ‘Christ!’


Rubbish is a synonym for ‘trash.’ It’s literally described as a waste material, so if you want to offend someone, you can describe them with this word.

This one isn’t a real cursing word, though, it can be very offensive to some people. Calling someone ‘rubbish’ means you want to offend them and with this word, to show them that they are bad.


‘Shag’ is a word that can be used instead of ‘to have s*x.’ It isn’t offensive and is used usually among close friends.

According to the Dictionary, this word is much older than we all think, and it dates back from 1680.

Taking the piss

This phrase is a pejorative phrase that is used in the meaning ‘to make a joke,’ or ‘to take liberties at the expense of others.’ 

If you say, for example, ‘Are you taking the piss?’ it means ‘Are you joking with me?’


Twat can be translated as ‘vagina,’ or more precisely, ‘p*ssy.’

As a cursing word, it can be used in many situations.

To use it as a verb, you can use it in the meaning ‘to be drunk’ or ‘to hit.’


The word ‘wank’ means ‘to masturbate.’ Therefore, the word ‘wanker’ means ‘masturbator.’ 

As some sort of swear word, this one is used for drunk persons, precisely, to use the verb ‘wanker’ in that context, means ‘to be drunk.’

learn to curse like Americans

American Swear Words

Some would say that there are not many differences between British English and American English when talking about swearing, but in fact, there are

If you want to curse like a proper American person, then stay with us.



This word is used to describe a stupid or an annoying person. By using this word, you can refer to someone as cruel and heartless as well.

While ‘bitch’ is used for women, the word  ‘assh*le’ is often used for male persons. 


This word literally means mongrel or illegitimate child.

If you want to insult someone, without using a real cursing word, then ‘bastard’ is the right one.

It’s mainly used to describe those who give you unpleasant experiences, who lie, spread misinformation, or make you feel angry all the time.


Even though the word means ‘female dog,’ as an offensive word, it’s used for both males and females.

However, back in the days, it was used only for women in the most insulting way by reducing her to a dog status.

When used today, it refers to an unpleasant term for those who are unreasonable, aggressive, or malicious. 


‘Damn’ isn’t a cursing word that can be harsh or offensive.

It’s mostly used in the eastern part of the USA.

Using this word people express their anger towards someone or something.


D*ckhead can be used in two completely different situations. On one hand, it’s used to describe an unfair person or an idiot. On the other, it can be used among close friends without a goal to offend.


This American English swear word is the most used and the most common one. 

Besides in the USA, it’s widely used in every country, English-speaking one or not.

Literally, it means ‘the act of sexual intercourse,’ but globally, it’s used to express anger and disgust, sometimes surprise, and even amazement. 

F*ck you

Similar to f*ck, f*ck you is also quite offensive. Only here, by adding the pronoun ‘you,’ you can directly offend someone. 

Piss Off

This quite offensive phrase means ‘to go’ or ‘to leave.’

If you are angry at someone, and you want them to leave you alone, you can use the verb ‘piss off.’


It’s considered to be vulgar in today’s English. It literally refers to a fecal matter, or simply said ‘poo’. This one is one of the most popular bad words. 

You can use it in many different situations and contexts when something unexpected comes up.

Son of a b*tch

This offensive word is used in situations when you want to offend  someone who is being unfair, nasty, or rude.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, this phrase also expresses surprise, disappointment, or annoyance.

Canadian Swear Words

Even though Canadians are thought to be the most polite people in the world, there are some situations when even the most polite people simply have to use some cursing words.

Here are some of them:

Beau cave

The phrase comes from Quebec French in the meaning ‘total idiot.’ And even though it’s in French, English speakers use it as much as French do.


This word is used for someone very stupid.

This one is a typical Canadian word, and over there, it’s used pretty often.


This cursing word is popular in Ontario, where it’s commonly used. This word is a big insult and describes ‘stupid’ and ‘thick in the head.’


This one is the most common and worldwide-known Canadian insult.

It originally refers to hockey players who lose games. When they lose, that is, when the game is over, they have to hose the rink down.

Today, it’s used as a synonym for ‘stupid.’


It’s one more typical Canadian insult. It’s similar to ‘white trash,’ poor people in the USA.

Mainly refers to youngsters who commit petty crimes.

swearing can help reduce stress

Australian Swear Words

Even though Australia is an English-speaking country, there are many differences when it comes to slang and cuss words. If you want to learn Australian curse words, read on.

Bloody Oath 

In other words, this phrase is used to say ‘F*ck yeah!’ or ‘Isn’t that the truth?’

Like its synonym, ‘Bloody oath’ is used to express support for something, or an affirmation as an understatement.

Bugger me/off

Some use this phrase as ‘bugger me’ while others use ‘bugger off.’ It’s used in the UK as well as in Australia and refers to someone or something very annoying. 


For those who spend some time living or traveling to Australia surely know what DADS mean. It is an abbreviation for ‘dumb as a dog.’

The phrase ‘you have DADS disease’ is quite common. It means that your joke wasn’t funny, or you clearly didn’t get it right.


Behind this story, there is a sad story. Drongo was a racehorse who never won any race during his almost three-year career. 

The word started being used to refer to a dumb person, a fool, or a loser.

Fair Suck of the Sav

The word ‘sav’ is shorter for a red, seasoned sausage called saveloy.

This phrase is used when someone is unfair, and it’s actually a replacement for ‘Give me a fair shot.’

Get Stuffed

While Americans say ‘Piss off,’ in Australia the most suitable equivalent is ‘Get stuffed.’ 


It’s an abbreviation for ‘Go F*ck yourself.’ Australians use it pretty often.


This word appears to be a synonym with the British ‘shag.’ The phrase ‘ Cop a root’ is a common phrase in Australia, which means ‘to have sex.’


The word means a promiscuous man or woman. Depending on the situation, it can be pretty offensive.


Learning these cuss words and phrases can be helpful for many reasons.

You will sound like a local when you spontaneously start using them. 

Releasing anger, or any other positive or negative emotion is suitable for your mental health.

And you have to admit that many of these words are funny, at least in the way we use them. So you can laugh at them, too.


What’s your favorite English curse word? And do you want to expand on your colloquial English skills? If so, a wide variety of courses just like this one about conversational English are available at your fingertips, as well as different language learning app such as Babbel.


What are British swear words?

Bloody hell, Bollocks, Bugger, Choad, Crikey, Rubbish, Shag, Taking the piss, Twat

What are American swear words?

Asshole, Bitch, Bastard, Damn, Dickhead, Fuck, Shit, Piss off, Son of a bitch,

What are Canadian swear words?

Beau cave, Chuckle head, Dough head, Hoser, Skeet

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