11 Fun Spanish Vloggers You Should Follow Right Now

11 Fun Spanish Vloggers You Should Follow Right Now

One of the best ways to learn a language that is as vibrant and expressive as Spanish is to make sure that you soak up the culture in as many ways as you possibly can.

Exposing yourself to the Spanish culture and lifestyle by adding activities such as watching Netflix in Spanish, playing games, or listening to podcasts are a great way to improve your Spanish. They provide you with a nice break from memorizing vocabulary words and grammar rules.

Another fun activity you might want to add to your language learning routine is to watch created by Spanish vloggers.

Spanish vloggers cover a variety of interesting topics that can help improve your Spanish language skills. Some vloggers may concentrate on the language and spreading the joy of learning their beautiful mother tongue. Other vloggers may enjoy talking and sharing about their culture and lifestyles or just about topics that interest them.

Watching Spanish vloggers will also give you a better feel of how native speakers really talk. This can help you improve your accent and also allow you to pick up some interesting slang words and expressions. 

1. ElrubiusOMG

Where can you find his vlogs? https://www.youtube.com/user/elrubiusOMG/featured

This is a very popular Spanish vlog, with almost 30 million subscribers. People just love to follow along with the antics of this vlogger. 

Elbrus is also a huge gamer, so if you are into video game’s your sure to find a lot to interest you if you subscribe to this channel.

People watch these videos to laugh and marvel at the crazy experiments and ridiculous challenges that Elrubius and his friends and guests put themselves through. Take note, though, it’s “unfiltered” so you’re going to pick up some colorful language while watching these vlogs.

It’s a great place to pick up some interesting slag words, just make sure you consult with your tutor because some of them might be curse words or insultsand you don’t want to accidentally offend someone when you try them out. 

2. Mariale 

Where can you find her vlogs? https://www.youtube.com/user/makeuplocalypse

Beauty vlogs are some of the most popular and influential vlogs out there – in any language. A great Spanish beauty vlogger to follow is Mariale. 

Mariale is a Venezuelan vlogger who loves to talk about beauty and fashion. Letting her over 7 million subscribers know about her latest finds and must-haves. Aside from her good taste and honest reviews of what works and doesn’t work for her, her followers love the way she offers them glimpses into her life. She vlogs about fun birthday parties and vacations and the hi-jinks she and her friends get into. She loves to have a laugh and share that laugh with those who view her vlogs.

This is a great vlog to follow if you want to expose yourself to how Spanish speakers in Venezuela and other Latin American speakers speak and use the language. Mariale speaks in a conversational style that is easy to follow (if a bit slangy).

3. La gata de Schrödinger

Where can you find her blogs? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoXtmmnLCbXDiSo8GxsmOzA

If you are as interested in science as you are in language learning, you should check out Rocio’s vlogs. She’s a science journalist who creates and posts videos about scientific topics. She speaks authoritatively but manages to present her chosen topics in a way that is easy to understand and engaging. Her videos try to make learning science facts fun.

4. Juca Priapri

Where can you find his vlogs? https://www.youtube.com/user/jucaviapri

If you are interested in cars, you might want to follow Juca Priapri, he’s interested in customizing cars and go karting and vlogs about his hobbies in a way that is interesting and informative.

It’s not just cars that Juca is enthusiastic about, however, his outgoing and jokey personality enables him to make even his ordinary and everyday activities seem like a fun adventure. He chronicles his life, taking you along on his shopping trips and his attempts to get just the right haircut, and makes these mundane activities into good entertainment.

5. Gris Verduzco

Where can you find her vlogs? https://www.youtube.com/user/mispastelitosyoutub

Interested in both language learning AND baking? Then Gris, who calls her vlog “Mis  Pastelitos” or “My Cupcakes,” is the vlogger for you.

Vlogging from her “cocina” (kitchen), Gris looks to make the world a “little sweeter” which every video she makes and releases on Thursdays. She shares her favorite recipes, we particularly like the one where she showed how to make the traditional fried dough recipe – churros.  There’s also an awesome one where she creates the most adorable and mouth-watering gingerbread house. 

If her recipes aren’t enough to convince you to follow her, there’s also her charming and down-to-earth personality, as well as her clear and easy Spanish which is easy to understand and follow along with.  

6. Alex Tienda

Where can you find his vlogs? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2RFakE0-eLOWgIVGGGn6tg

Alex is a Mexican travel vlogger who loves to travel to places that are both exotic and “ordinary”. With his gregarious personality and good-natured curiosity about everything, he makes every place he travels seem like THE place to be.

Alex doesn’t just travel to interesting places, he’s quite the interesting fellow himself, being both a pilot and a musician. You should check out his Facebook page here

7. Yuya 

Where can you find her vlogs? https://www.youtube.com/user/lady16makeup/featured

Yuya is another popular Spanish beauty vlogger, this time from Mexico. She specializes in easy-to-follow makeup tutorials and do-it-yourself hairstyle videos.

This stylish vlogger posts around two videos a week. Aside from how-to makeup and hairstyle guides she also offers fashion tips and talks about health and beauty.

8. Enchufe

Where can you find their vlogs? https://www.youtube.com/user/enchufetv/featured

If you’re a fan of sketch comedies, like what you might find on Saturday Night Live, you should check out the vlogs found on the Enchufe channel. The videos here are created by a bunch of guys from Ecuador who produce several videos a month. 

The videos are comedy sketches, mostly featuring short parodies about life in Ecuador and the silliness that they see every day. It’s not just good for a laugh but also to gain some insight into the culture of the Ecuadorian Spanish speakers. 

9. Me llamo Natan

Where can you find the vlogs? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNycxtiBvicVeMLHDBqoRtA

If you want to learn a little more about life in Argentina and get a better grasp of what Argentina Spanish, or Rioplantense Spanish, sounds like then you should follow Natan.

Natan likes to blog about life in Argentina, many times in contrast to what life is supposed to be like in the United States. He grew up in a household where both English and Spanish were spoken, so he likes to talk about that as well as offer tips to other language learners. He also likes to talk about sports and food!

Argentinian Spanish is actually a Spanish dialect, which means that it follows many of the rules of grammar and uses much of the same vocabulary as European Spanish. The difference lies in the use of certain words and terms and the accent. If you want to get a better handle on the Argentinian Spanish accent, these are the vlogs to watch.

10. Juanpa Zurita

Where can you find his vlogs? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUo7T81zvCqpPhfsPb_kajA

This is another vlogger you should follow if you enjoy sketch comedy. Juanpa is a Mexican comedian who first became popular on Vine but has since moved to vlogging on YouTube where he has over 10M subscribers.

He posts several funny videos a week, mostly showcasing himself and his friends in funny sketches and parodies that give you a glimpse into life in Mexico and the concerns of its young people. 

If you are interested in learning Mexican Spanish in particular, this is a good Spanish vlog to follow as it features many examples of Mexican Slang. It will also let you familiarize yourself with the Mexican Spanish Accent. 

11. Hola Soy German

Where can you find his vlogs? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZJ7m7EnCNodqnu5SAtg8eQ

This is another native Spanish-speaking comedian, this time from Chile. German is a prolific vlogger whose channel has many funny videos of himself talking about almost any topic you can think of. German likes to create videos featuring himself playing various funny characters that are good for hours of language learning as well as laughs.

Take note, however, that he talks kind of fast and his jokes often come at a rapid-fire pace, so if you’re a beginner you might find it hard to keep up. 


You can watch videos from these Spanish vloggers or even follow them if you want to add some fun to the language learning process. Just pick one or two who sound like they cover topics that would interest you and watch their videos when you have the time.

Who is the most famous Spanish Youtuber?

Hola Soy German. He is a native Spanish-speaking comedian from Chile. German is a prolific vlogger whose channel has many funny videos of himself talking about almost any topic you can think of. German likes to create videos featuring himself playing various funny characters that are good for hours of language learning as well as laughs. Take note, however, that he talks kind of fast and his jokes often come at a rapid-fire pace, so if you’re a beginner you might find it hard to keep up. 

Who are some famous Spanish vloggers?

ElrubiusOMG, Mariale, La gata de Schrödinger, Juca Priapri, Gris Verduzco, Alex Tienda, Yuya, Enchufe, Me llamo Natan

Who is the number one Youtuber in Spain?


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