Love Is in the Air: 11 Romantic Spanish Quotes About Love

Love Is in the Air: 11 Romantic Spanish Quotes About Love

Spanish is considered a passionate language. There are many romantic expressions Spanish people use to show their feelings, love, and affection.

So, in case you want to impress your Spanish partner or even if you just want to enrich your vocabulary, we are giving you the most romantic Spanish quotes about love.

After all, it is always useful to have some romantic phrases and expressions under your sleeve to impress native Spanish speakers.

And now, let's dive in.

Al Verdadero Amor no se le Conoce Por lo Que Exige, Sino Por lo Que Ofrece.

Translation: True love is not known for what it demands, but for what it offers.

Love is not about taking. It doesn’t work that way. 

When you are truly in love, you don’t have a problem giving love to your significant other. You are glad and happy to do it.

Amor De Niño, Agua en Cestillo

Translation: Love of a child, water in a basket.

At first, you may think the translation is bad, but it's not. Like in English, many odd Spanish expressions don’t make sense, such as, ‘cold as a cucumber.’

So, this Spanish expression is just as weird. But one thing is different: the Spanish phrase is about love. It actually means that young love is fickle. 

We recommend memorizing this phrase, although you will surely remember it.

Amar no es Mirarse el Uno al Otro, es Mirar Juntos en la Misma Dirección

Translation: Love it’s not to look at each other, it’s to look together towards the same direction.

Maybe this quote is more realistic and serious than romantic, but it is entirely true. However, there is so much more than just the words within this expression.

It's true that love is beautiful but thinking about your loved one and being attracted by them isn’t enough. When two people truly love each other, they aim in the same direction in their lives.

El Amor Entra Por la Cocina

Translation: Love enters through the kitchen.

What do cooking and love have in common? Well, a lot of things. Preparing delicious meals and showing your cooking skills helps you win your person’s heart.

El Amor Todo lo Puede

Translation: Love can do everything.

You’ve probably heard this phrase, especially if you’ve been watching Spanish telenovelas, where love is the main reason for all the suffering, ‘dolor’ (pain) but also wealth, family, and relationships. 

We’ve already seen what people can do because of love. Even science supports the fact that love is really our main motivator. The only thing we should do is to remember this expression in Spanish. Besides, it isn’t hard to memorize it at all.

El Amor Más Fuerte es Aquel Que Puede Mostrar su Fragilidad

Translation: The strongest love is that which can show its fragility.

Paolo Coelho, one of the most famous writers of these days, knows a lot about love. That’s why he knows the way to express its strength. 

With this quote, he wants to describe that true love is the strongest when we can say or do anything in front of our significant other. There's no need to worry about what they may say because we know that we will have their love and support.

El Amor Verdadero Hace Milagros, Porque él Mismo es Ya el Mayor Milagro

Translation: True love works miracles because it is already the greatest miracle.

Again and again, el Amor is the most powerful thing in the world. In fact, it is a miracle, or at least it's what Amado Nervo, a Mexican poet, claims.

What do you think, is love a miracle?

No Hay Que Morir Por el Otro, Sino Vivir Para Disfrutar Juntos

Translation: You don’t have to die for the other person, but live to enjoy life together.

This expression shows that you have to enjoy every moment with your love because once you are not together in the same world, it will be too late. So, use every opportunity to be with your partner and spend time together.

Nunca Dejes de Sonreír, ni Siquiera Cuando Estés Triste, Porque Nunca Sabes Quien se Puede Enamorar de Tu Sonrisa

Translation: Never stop smiling, not even when you're sad because you never know who will fall in love with your smile.

Admit it that you’re smiling now. And keep smiling because the way Gabriel García Márquez described it is entirely true.

Perfiero un Minuto Contigo a Una Eternidad Sin Ti.

Translation: I prefer a minute with you than eternity without you.

Do you think that this is such a romantic expression that makes you fall in love even if you aren't? The phrase shows the power of love and how important our person is. That’s why everyone should learn this quote.

This phrase is also helpful because it teaches you how to compare nouns so, besides vocabulary, you get a quick free grammar lesson.

Un Mundo Nace Cuando Dos se Besan.

Translation: A world is born when two people kiss.

What more can we say than that the whole miracle of love and existence of the world is captured in this sentence?


Now that you are fully ‘equipped’ with romantic Spanish quotes about love to express your feelings, the only thing you don’t want to miss is to learn to pronounce them correctly.

We know that Spanish doesn’t take long to learn but we suggest you keep practicing to pronounce these phrases with Spanish tutors.

After all, your goal is to be romantic and impress your loved one, isn’t it? Even if that's not your main goal, improving your vocabulary will make you proud of yourself.

If you're interested in improving your Spanish vocabulary even more, you should try some of these cool options: Check out Babbel for fun, interactive lessons that fit into your day easily. If you want something more in-depth, there's a great Spanish course on Coursera that covers everything from the basics to more advanced topics. And if you prefer learning with a personal touch, Lingoda offers classes with native speakers that can really help you practice speaking.

What are the most romantic Spanish quotes about love?

1. Al Verdadero Amor no se le Conoce Por lo Que Exige, Sino Por lo Que Ofrece. - True love is not known for what it demands, but for what it offers. 2. Amor De Nino, Agua en Cestillo - Love of a child, water in a basket. 3. Amar no es Mirarse el Uno al Otro, es Mirar Juntos en la Misma Direccion - Love is not to look at each other, it is to look together towards the same direction. 4. El Amor Entra Por la Cocina - Love enters through the kitchen. 5. El Amor Todo lo Puede - Love can do everything.

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