Spanish Clothes Vocabulary: 108 Words Every Fashion-Conscious Spanish Learner Should Know

Spanish Clothes Vocabulary: 108 Words Every Fashion-Conscious Spanish Learner Should Know

Spanish-speaking cultures are known for being colorful and slightly flamboyant in both their speech and style of dress.

Spanish-speakers, be they male or female, tend to have a great sense of personal style and a discerning eye when it comes to clothing.

While Spanish fashion brands might traditionally be as known as the big fashion houses of Italy or France, their still pretty influential. There’s Zara, which is one of the world’s largest retailers and a leader in the fast fashion sector, and Mango which was founded in the ’80s in Barcelona and now has multiple stores in almost all continents.  

If you’re going to spend any amount of time in Spain or a Spanish-speaking country, it is a good idea to learn some Spanish clothes vocabulary. Not only will this help you if you want to go shopping at one of the Spanish fashion retailers, but complimenting a Spanish speaker on their clothing is a great topic for small talk. It could also help you prepare for your trip, as depending on the season, you might need a certain item of clothing like a jacket or a wide-brimmed hat. 

To help you improve your Spanish clothes vocabulary, we’ve included a few of the most common and important pieces of clothing and what they are called in Spanish

Spanish Words For Clothing You Wear On Top

No matter what the season or the weather, you are going to need a few tops packed in your luggage or folded in your wardrobe. Here are a few of the most common words in Spanish for clothes that you wear on the top part of your body.

1. Camisa

Pronunciation guide: kah-mee-sah

Meaning: Shirt

2. Camiseta

Pronunciation guide: kah-mee-she-tah

Meaning: T-shirt

3. Playera

Pronunciation guide: plah-yeh-rah

Meaning: T-shirt

4. Camisa 

Pronunciation guide: kah-mee-sah

Meaning: Button-down shirt

5. Polo

Pronunciation guide: po-lo

Meaning: Polo shirt

 6. Blusa

Pronunciation guide: bloo-sah

Meaning: Blouse

7. Blazer

Pronunciation guide: bley-zuhr

Meaning: Blazer


Pronunciation guide: soo-dah-deh-rah

Meaning: Sweatshirt

9. Suéter

Pronunciation guide: sweh-tehr

Meaning: Sweater

10. Cárdigan

Pronunciation guide: kar-dih-gihn

Meaning: Cardigan

11. Chaqueta de punto

Pronunciation guide: chah-keh-tah deh poon-toh

Meaning: Cardigan

12. Túnica

Pronunciation guide: too-nee-kah

Meaning: Tunic

13. Chaleco

Pronunciation guide: chah-leh-koh

Meaning: Vest

14. Sudadera con capucha

Pronunciation guide: soo-dah-deh-rah kohn kah-poo-chah

Meaning: Hoodie

Spanish Clothing Words For Clothes You Wear On The Bottom

Most of us go around wearing two basic pieces of clothing every day, a top like a t-shirt or a blouse, and something on the bottom, like pants or a skirt. Here is the basic Spanish clothes vocabulary for clothes that you wear to cover the lower part of your body.

1. Pantalón

Pronunciation guide: pahn-tah-lohn

Meaning: Pants 

2. Pantalón

Pronunciation guide: pahn-tah-lohn

Meaning: Trousers

3. Pantalón vaquero

Pronunciation guide: pahn-tah-lohn bah-keh-roh

Meaning: Jeans

4. Pantalón de mezclilla

Pronunciation guide: pahn-tah-lohn deh mehs-klee-yah

Meaning: Jeans

5. Pantalón de lino

Pronunciation guide: pahn-tah-lohn deh lee-noh

Meaning: Linen pants

6. Pantalón de vestir

Pronunciation guide: pahn-tah-lohn deh behs-teer

Meaning: Dress pants

7. Pantalón de traje

Pronunciation guide: pahn-tah-lohn deh trah-heh

Meaning: suit pants

8. Pantalón corto

Pronunciation: pahn-tah-lohn kohr-toh

Meaning: Shorts

9. Pantalón de chándal

Pronunciation guide: pahn-tah-lohn deh chahn-dahl

Meaning: Sweat pants

10. Pantalón de jogging

Pronunciation guide: pahn-tah-lohn deh yoh-geen

Meaning: Jogging pants

11. Falda

Pronunciation guide: fahl-dah

Meaning: Skirt

12. Minifalda

Pronunciation guide: mee-nee-fahl-dah

Meaning: Miniskirt

13. Mallas

Pronunciation guide:mah-yahs

Meaning: Leggings

Spanish Words Used To Describe Outerwear

Many Spanish-speaking areas experience cold or rainy weather, depending on the seasons. It’s best to be prepared by having some outerwear in your luggage that you can pull out and don as needed. Here are a few words in Spanish for outerwear that you should know so you're prepared for any changes in the weather.

1. Abrigo

Pronunciation guide: ah-bree-goh

Meaning: Coat

2. Chaqueta

Pronunciation guide: chah-keh-tah

Meaning: Jacket

3. Chamarra

Pronunciation guide: chah-mah-rrah

Meaning: Jacket

4. Cazadora bomber

Pronunciation guide: kah-sah-doh-rah bam-uhr

Meaning: Bomber jacket

5. Cazadora vaquero

Pronunciation guide: kah-sah-doh-rah bah-keh-roh

Meaning: Jean jacket

6. Cazadora motera

Pronunciation guide: kah-sah-doh-rah mo-the-roh

Meaning: Motorcycle jacket

7. Impermeable

Pronunciation guide: eem-pehrr-meh-ah-bleh

Meaning: Raincoat

8. Gabardina

Pronunciation guide: gah-bahr-dee-nah

Meaning: Trench coat

9. Poncho

Pronunciation guide: pan-cho

Meaning: Poncho

10. Parka

Pronunciation guide: par-kuh

Meaning: Parka

11. Chal

Pronunciation guide: chahl

Meaning: Shawl

12. Rebozo

Pronunciation guide: rreh-boh-soh

Meaning: Shawl 

13. Gorra

Pronunciation guide: goh-rrah

Meaning: Cap

14. Gorro

Pronunciation guide: goh-rroh

Meaning: Woolen hat

15. Capucha

Pronunciation guide: kah-poo-chah

Meaning: Hood

16. Sombrero

Pronunciation guide: sohm-breh-roh

Meaning: Hat

17. Boina

Pronunciation guide: boy-nah

Meaning: Beret

18. Guantes

Pronunciation guide: gwahn-teh

Meaning: Gloves

19. Manoplas

Pronunciation guide: mah-noh-plahs 

Meaning: Mittens

20. Bufanda

Pronunciation guide: boo-fahn-dah

Meaning: Scarf

Spanish Clothing Vocabulary You Can Use When Referring to Formalwear

If you are invited somewhere with a more formal dress code than t-shirts and jeans, you’re going to want to know and understand the meaning of these Spanish words for clothing.

1. Vestido

Pronunciation guide: behs-tee-doh

Meaning: Dress

2. Traje

Pronunciation guide: trah-heh

Meaning: Suit

3. Corbata

Pronunciation guide: kohr-bah-tah

Meaning: Tie

4. Corbatín

Pronunciation guide: kohr-bah-teen

Meaning: Bowtie

5. Tirantes

Pronunciation guide: tee-rahn-tehs

Meaning: Suspenders

6. Esmoquin

Pronunciation guide: ehs-moh-keen

Meaning: Tuxedo

7. Vestido largo

Pronunciation guide: behs-tee-doh lahr-goh

Meaning: Gown

Spanish Clothes Vocabulary: Words That Refer To Footwear

Footwear in general in Spanish is called “calzado”, while shoes are “zapatos”.  If you want to be more specific, if you want to refer to high heels or sneakers, there are the Spanish clothing words you should know.

1. Zapatos deportivos

Pronunciation guide: sah-pah-toh deh-pohr-tee-boh

Meaning: Sneakers

2. Sandalias

Pronunciation guide: sahn-dah-lyahs

Meaning: Sandals

3. Mocasines

Pronunciation guide: moh-kah-seens

Meaning: Loafers

4. Chanclas

Pronunciation guide: chahng-klahs

Meaning: Flip-flops

5. Chancletas

Pronunciation guide: chahng-kleh-tah

Meaning: Flip-flops

6. Tacones

Pronunciation guide: tah-koh-nehs

Meaning: High heels

7. Zapatos de tacón bajo

Pronunciation guide: sah-pah-toh de tah-kohn bah-hoh

Meaning: Flats

8. Botas

Pronunciation guide: boh-tah

Meaning: Boots

9. Botines

Pronunciation guide: boh-teen

Meaning: Ankle boots

10. Alpargata 

Pronunciation guide: ahl-pahr-gah-tah

Meaning: Espadrilles

11. Zapatos de vestir

Pronunciation guide: sah-pah-toh de behs-teer

Meaning: Dress shoes

Other Spanish Clothing Words

Here are a few other words for clothing and accessories in Spanish. When you want to compliment someone on their outfit, or just need to buy a few clothing necessities, these words can help.

1. Mono

Pronunciation guide: moh-noh

Meaning: Romper

2. Peto

Pronunciation guide: peh-toh

Meaning: Overalls

3. Vestido sin mangas

Pronunciation guide: behs-tee-doh seen mahng-gahs

Meaning: Sundress, sleeveless dress

4. Vestido de novia

Pronunciation guide: behs-tee-doh de noh-byah

Meaning: Wedding gown

5. Ropa interior

Pronunciation guide: rroh-pah een-the-ryohr

Meaning: Underwear

6. Sostén

Pronunciation guide: sohs-tehn

Meaning: Bra

7. Sujetador

Pronunciation guide: soo-heh-tah-dohr

Meaning: Bra

8. Calzón

Pronunciation guide: kahl-sohn

Meaning: Panty

9. Panti

Pronunciation guide: pahn-tee

Meaning: Panty

10. Calzones 

Pronunciation guide: kahl-sohn

Meaning: Briefs

11. Calzoncillos

Pronunciation guide: kahl-sohn-see-yohs

Meaning: Boxers

12. Tanga

Pronunciation guide: tahng-gah

Meaning: Thong

13. Medias

Pronunciation guide: meh-dyah

Meaning: stocking or socks

14. Panitmedias

Pronunciation guide: pahn-tee-meh-dyahs

Meaning: Pantyhose

15. Calcetines

Pronunciation guide: kahl-she-teen-es

Meaning: Socks

16. Pijama

Pronunciation guide: pee-yah-mah

Meaning: pajamas

17. Camisola

Pronunciation guide: kah-mee-soh-lah

Meaning: Camisole

18. Bata

Pronunciation guide: bah-tah

Meaning: Robe

19. Camisón

Pronunciation guide: kah-mee-sohn

Meaning: Nightgown

20. Traje de baño

Pronunciation guide: trah-heh deh bah-nyoh

Meaning: Bathing suit

21. Traje de baño enterizo

Pronunciation guide: trah-heh deh bah-nyoh ehn-teh-ree-soh

Meaning: One-piece

22. Bikini

Pronunciation guide: bih-ki-ni

Meaning: Bikini

23. Camiseta de neoprene

Pronunciation guide: kah-mee-she-tah de neh-oh-prej-noh

Meaning: Rashguard

24. Sujetador deportivo

Pronunciation guide: soo-heh-tah-dohr deh-pohr-tee-boh

Meaning: Sports bra

25. Chándal

Pronunciation guide: chahn-dahl

Meaning: Tracksuit

26. Cinturón

Pronunciation guide: seen-too-rohn

Meaning: Belt

27. Reloj

Pronunciation guide: rreh-lohh

Meaning: Watch

28. Collar

Pronunciation guide: koh-yahr

Meaning: Necklace

29. Pulsera

Pronunciation guide: pool-seh-rah

Meaning: Bracelet

30. Aretes

Pronunciation guide: ah-reh-teh

Meaning: Earrings

31. Pendientes

Pronunciation guide: pehn-dyehn-teh

Meaning: Earrings

32. Anillo

Pronunciation guide: ah-nee-yoh

Meaning: Ring

33. Pañuelo

Pronunciation guide: pah-nyweh-loh

Meaning: Handkerchief

34. Gafas de sol

Pronunciation guide: gah-fahs dehl sohl

Meaning: Sunglasses

35. Lentes de sol

Pronunciation guide: lehn-tehs deh sohl

Meaning: Sunglasses

36. Bolsa

Pronunciation guide: bohl-sah

Meaning: Purse or bag

37. Cartera

Pronunciation guide: kahr-the-rah

Meaning: Wallet

38. Gafas

Pronunciation guide: gah-fahs

Meaning: Glasses

39. Anteojos

Pronunciation guide: ahn-the-oh-hohs

Meaning: Eyeglasses

40. Maletín

Pronunciation guide: mah-leh-teen

Meaning: Briefcase

41. Mochila

Pronunciation guide: moh-chee-lah

Meaning: Backpack

42. Paraguas

Pronunciation guide: pah-rah-gwas

Meaning: Umbrella


For you to become fluent in Spanish, you need to do two things: build up your vocabulary and practice using that vocabulary in daily conversation. 

Studying and memorizing lists of related words, such as this list of Spanish clothes vocabulary, is a great way to build up your mental database of Spanish words and phrases. In order to really say that you know how to use these words, however, you should be able to incorporate them into daily conversation.

If you are looking to get a broader Spanish vocabulary and learn more about Spanish culture, try this course on Coursera. It takes you anywhere from how to meet and greet people, to learning about Spanish food and Traditions.

What are some Spanish words for clothes?

Camisa - shirt, Camiseta - T shirt, Playera - T shirt, Blusa - blouse, Chaqueta - Jacket, Cazadora bomber - Bomber jacket, Impermeable - raincoat, Poncho - poncho, Capucha - Hood

How to say pants in Spanish?

Pantalón, Pantalón vaquero, Pantalón de mezclilla, Pantalón de lino, Pantalón de vestir, Pantalón de traje, Pantalón corto, Pantalón de chándal

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