Secrets to Speak English fluently

Secrets to Speak English fluently

If you are a non-native English speaker, it might be difficult for you to speak it fluently. It’s also essential to improve your communication skills if you are moving to an English-speaking country. Here, we have shared some great secrets that will assist you to achieve your goal of speaking the English language fluently and confidently:

Be Motivated and Passionate

When you are determined to achieve your goals, you need to be motivated and passionate to get it done. Same goes for learning the English language. You need to take it as a challenge and believe in yourself. Make it a habit of reading and speaking in English daily.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

People are usually hesitant to speak English because of the reaction of other people. They fear that if they pronounce the wrong word, other people will make fun of them. But if you want to excel in this language, you need to keep in mind that mistakes are a part of learning. So, when you are speaking in English, try to be clear in your message but don’t force yourself to be right all the time. 

Talk to Yourself

Although it may sound funny, talking to yourself is considered a good practice to speak fluently. You can talk for an hour while seeing yourself in a mirror. This method will boost your confidence as well.

If you take a camera and record while you speak looking into the mirror, you can replay your video and review your mistakes which you need to correct while speaking. This technique is considered as one of best practice to speak the language smoothly and correctly.

Watch and Listen to English shows

As we mentioned before, when you speak English on a daily basis, you’ll become fluent in a short time. Similarly, when you are listening to shows on radio or podcasts in English or watching English series and movies, you get to know how to pronounce different words.

Read Books, Newspaper, and Novels

By reading English books and novels on a daily basis, you’ll learn new words and your vocabulary will also enhance. In this regard, the best practice is to read aloud. In this way, you’ll have a grip on the words you read and speak.

Think in English

This is another unusual way of learning a language. We usually think in our native language and try to translate it in English in our minds before we speak. Instead, if you start thinking and feeling in English, your mind will quickly process to speak the language more smoothly. You can further write a diary or a story on a daily basis to enhance this process.

Memorize English Phrases and Idioms

While learning a language, studying individual words might not be as helpful as studying phrases and idioms. Memorizing new phrases and using them in making sentences or writing stories can be very effective for you. Repeat and review what you learn.

Practice Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters are another perfect way to enhance your diction and help you to speak quickly. There are many tongue twisters in English that you can start practicing and have command on the language.

Follow Native Speakers

Besides reading books, newspaper, and watching series, you can follow native speakers and listen to their speeches, talks, and interviews. In this way, you’ll be able to learn the use of different idioms and phrases while speaking. The more you learn the language from them, you’ll overcome your hesitation and deficiencies.

Have a partner with whom you can communicate in English

Sometimes, people are not sure if they’re speaking appropriately. In such a case, you can ask one of your friends to communicate with you daily. Both of you can discuss different topics like current affairs, weather, hobbies, etc., and enhance your linguistic skills.

If your partner is a native speaker, he can even correct you, if you pronounce any word wrongly. This practice will also trigger your mind to speak English more accurately and smoothly.

Join Online Conversation Groups and Forums

If you find it difficult to have someone with whom you can communicate in person, then you can join online conversation groups and forums. You need to set up a profile there and talk with some native or non-native speaker to practice more and improve your English. 

Be Patient and Confident

Practice is one of the main keys overcoming your deficiency. You need to be patient and confident while you are practicing. In the beginning, you might not be able to follow the grammar or pronunciation properly, but you still need not to be hesitant. With time, you’ll see the fluency in your speaking yourself.

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How to start thinking in English?

You can write a diary or a story, trying to think in English without translating words from your mother tongue.

Why are tongue twisters effective in learning English?

The tongue twisters help to master your English pronunciation.

How to overcome fear of speaking English?

Don't be afraid of making mistakes. The more you practice your English the more fluent you become.

How can I improve my English speaking skills myself?

Talking to yourself is a good practice to speak English fluently.

How can reading books make me fluent in English?

The best practice of English speaking skills is to read books aloud.

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