Seasons in French: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Seasons in French: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Surely many of you use French tongue twisters to improve pronunciation but what about improving your French vocabulary?

Do you have the terms and phrases for seasons in French in your ‘personal dictionary’?

Do you know which words we typically use in summer or autumn?


When fall (or autumn) comes, people usually like to improve their skills and work on themselves mentally and physically.

Perhaps it has to do something with going back to school, the beginning of learning and achieving something bigger than just lying the whole day on a sofa.


So, this is an ideal opportunity to learn new French words.

In this post, we are going to introduce you to seasons in French and help you improve your vocabulary.


Also, you can download and print the vocabulary list with all these words in the end.

Now, prepare yourself and start taking notes.


Introduction to Seasons in French

The word for season in French is une saison.

This noun is feminine, so when you have to use it, you use articles une, and la.

Moreover, if you use adjectives with this word, adjectives also have to be in the feminine gender.

For example, if you want to say favorite season, you say it saison préférée. So, as you see, the adjective préférée is feminine.

For plural form the -s is added to the word so if you want to say seasons, you say les saisons

Seasons in French

As for the seasons in France, like in most parts of the world, there are four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, or fall, and winter.

Spring or le printemps is the masculine noun, like the other three seasons.

L’été or summer, l’automne or autumn/ fall, and l‘hiver or winter begin with vowels, so when adding the article you have to use the apostrophe.


Le Printemps (Spring)

Au printemps or in the spring, nature awakens.

Everything is full of colors, optimism, and positive thoughts.

This season consists of avril, mai, and juin, that is, April, May, and June.

Flowers bloom and trees are filling the landscape.

One of the popular holidays is celebrated au printemps. It is La Fête du Travail ( Labour Day).


Le Printemps Vocabulary

In the following lines, you can find some of the words which are associated with spring.


Il fait frais

It's cold



La fleur


La pluie


Le nuage


Le papillon 


Le tulipe


Un imperméable 


Un oiseau 


Une abeille 



And now, here are some of the examples of the words we use in spring.

  • Au printemps, tout est coloré.- In spring, everything is colorful.
  • J'aime les fleurs et les arbres verts au printemps.- I like flowers and green trees in the spring.
  • Au printemps, les oiseaux retournent du sud. - In spring, the birds return from the south. 


L’ Été (Summer)

The word summer in French is été. 

July, August, and September or in French, juillet, août, and septembre are summer months.

Use warm and sunny weather and, en été ( in the summer) go to France on holiday.

Try organizing your vacation on July the 14th, the day when the French celebrate Bastille Day.

It is an ideal opportunity to improve your vocabulary and walk the streets with native speakers shouting Vive la France! ( Long live France!)

L’ Été Vocabulary

To be prepared for the summer in France, you have to boost your ‘summer vocabulary.’ Here are some of the common words.


Il fait chaud

It's hot

J'ai chaud

I'm hot

La canicule


La chaleur


La piscine


La plage


La pastèque


La crème solaire


La tempête


Le parasol

Beach umrella

Le maillot de bain


Le short


Le soleil


Les lunettes de soleil


Les tongs

Flip flops

Les vacances




Les sandales



And now, here are some examples.

  • En été, je vais souvent à la plage. - In summer, I often go to the beach.
  • J’aime nager et manger de la place-  I like to swim and eat ice-cream.
  • En été, il fait très chaud- In the summer it is very hot.

L’Automne (Autumn/ Fall)

In the end of September comes the new season, l’automne, or autumn.

Months en automne ( in the autumn/ fall) are octobre, novembre, and décembre, that is, October, November, and December.

Even though this season is not as warm as spring, there are, however, warm days filled with colors such as yellow, orange, purple, red, and brown or in French, jaune, orange, violet, rouge, and marron.

In case you don’t get to visit France in the summer, you should consider going en automne on Halloween, October 31st and on All Saints Day, November 1st.


L’Automne Vocabulary

Be prepared for l’automne with some specific words used in this season.


La citrouille


La feuille


La récolte


La rentrée

Return to school

La tarte aux pommes

Apple pie

Le changement de couleur des feuilles

The changing colour of the leaves

Le maïs


Le vent


Un arbre


Un pull


Un couple-vent


Un râteau


Un tas de feuilles

A pile of leaves

Tailler une citrouille

To carve a pumpkin


Let’s take a glance at some examples:

  • En automne, j'adore faire une tarte aux pommes.- In the autumn I love to bake apple pie.
  • En automne, la citrouille est très populaire.- In the autumn pumpkin is very popular.


L’Hiver (Winter)

L’hiver or winter in France is ideal for winter sports lovers. 

Janvier, février, and mars or January, February, and March snow are usually expected in most regions in France.

En hiver (in winter), Christmas and New Year are celebrated, but let’s not forget the most romantic Valentine’s day February 14th.

 L’Hiver Vocabulary

To improve your vocabulary with l’hiver vocabulary, take a look at the following words:


Faire du ski

To ski

Il fait froid

It's cold

J'ai froid

I'm cold

La boule de neige


La glace


Le neige


Le planche à neige


Le bonnet


Le bonhomme de neige


Les gants


Le glaçon


Le manteau


Le patin à glace

Ice skating

Le ski


Les bottes



And here are some of the examples:

  • En hiver je porte des gants.- In the winter I wear gloves.
  • En hiver, il y a beaucoup de neige.- In the winter there is a lot of snow.
  • Beaucoup de gens aiment le ski.- A lot of people like skiing.


Don’t forget to download the PDF File with the words and phrases associated with seasons in French.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the names of seasons in French is important.

And now you know them and much more. 

How to say seasons in French?

les saisons

how to say spring in French?

le printemps

how to say autumn in French?


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