29 Sarcastic Idioms and Phrases to Help You Sound Like a Native

29 Sarcastic Idioms and Phrases to Help You Sound Like a Native

Not everyone understands sarcasm. The first step to understanding sarcasm in English is to learn their sarcastic idioms and phrases. 

Today, we are giving you the 29 common sarcastic idioms and phrases you can use in different situations. You can even refresh your memory with some of the phrases you've already known but you haven't used them for a while.

And to have them all in one place, you can download and save the list in PDF to your device by clicking on the List of Sarcastic Idioms And Phrases at the end of the article. It is completely free and you can take a peek whenever you need them.

Actions speak louder than words.

Real meaning: It is more important to show your actions and what you have done than only talking about them.

Sarcastic meaning: According to your stupid and wrong actions, we see how bad you do things.

Alert the media!

Real meaning: To contact the media for some big information.

Sarcastic meaning: Some situations that we wouldn't know if it weren't for you.


Real meaning: This is a good thing.

Sarcastic meaning: This is an awful thing.

Don't worry about it.

Real meaning: It's not a problem.

Sarcastic meaning: Oh, my, you are in real trouble and I'm going to remember this to remind you.


Real meaning: These are interesting things you are talking about.

Sarcastic meaning: You have been talking for a very long time, and I'm not sure if I've ever known what you are talking about.

Good luck with that.

Real meaning: I hope you do well.

Sarcastic meaning: I hope you won't make it because you can't do that.

Good morning!

Real meaning: To greet someone in the morning.

Sarcastic meaning: When someone says something so obvious that even people from another part of the world would notice. It is similar to the Obviously.

Great job.

Real meaning: You have done something good here.

Sarcastic meaning: You haven't done anything good here.

He's great.

Real meaning: What an amazing person.

Sarcastic meaning: I would rather talk to my shoes instead.


Real meaning: You have made me laugh.

Sarcastic meaning: You have made me wish to cry for the rest of my life.

If stupid could fly, you would be a jet.

Sarcastic meaning: If we compare your stupidity with something big, this is the suitable comparison.

I'll make a note of that.

Real meaning: This will be useful for the future.

Sarcastic meaning: Not only that it won't be useful at all, but I don't know why you've even mentioned it.

I love you.

Real meaning: You are an incredibly important person to me.

Sarcastic meaning: Please leave and never come back again.

I'm ecstatic.

Real meaning: This is fascinating.

Sarcastic meaning: I'm pretty sure my life is falling apart.

I'm so happy for you.

Real meaning: This is good news.

Sarcastic meaning: I really hope this works out badly for you.

I think that was my fault.

Real meaning: That was my fault.

Sarcastic meaning: It's, undoubtedly, your fault.

I've had a great time.

Real meaning: This was wonderful.

Sarcastic meaning: I won't ever be talking to you again. But for real.


Real meaning: These things you are telling me about or doing are true.

Sarcastic meaning: I cannot believe that you think that anyone doesn't know this.

Oh my God.

Real meaning: I am truly surprised by that.

Sarcastic meaning: I know you're not going to stop talking, so I'm just going to insert this here and start thinking about something else.

Oh, really?

Real meaning: I did not know that.

Sarcastic meaning: I did know that, because everyone knows that, and don't have to mention that at all.

Oh, you think so?

Real meaning: Is that your opinion?

Sarcastic meaning: No kidding that it is that way! Like we didn't know all that already!


Real meaning: I apologize.

Sarcastic meaning: I expect you to apologize.

Take your time.

Real meaning: You don't need to hurry.

Sarcastic meaning: Hurry the f...up!


Real meaning: You are appreciated.

Sarcastic meaning: I am bitter about something.

Thanks for the help.

Real meaning: I appreciate that you’ve helped me.

Sarcastic meaning: I hate the degree to which you have fu*ked this up.

That's so funny.

Real meaning: I want to laugh so hard I could cry.

Sarcastic meaning: I want to cry so hard I could laugh.

That will be fun.

Real meaning: I can't wait to do this!

Sarcastic meaning: It is so boring that I'm gonna kill myself.

Well done.

Real meaning: Congratulations on your achievements.

Sarcastic meaning: You should pay more attention to my achievements instead.

With the greatest respect.

Real meaning: I am listening to what you are saying.

Sarcastic meaning: I do not think that anything you've said is true.

What else is new?

Real meaning: What's up with you and your life?

Sarcastic meaning: When something is so obvious that there is no need mentioning at all.


Opposite to the real common idioms, the sarcastic ones can't be used in every situation.

Additionally, your speaker may not understand sarcasm or can't recognize being sarcastic. Therefore, you have to know when to use it. Otherwise, you'll be even more irritated.

In case you want to practice whether you've chosen the right phrase for the right moment, practice different situations with your tutor. But before you start practicing make sure you both understand that it is the only exercise because you don't want to get mad at each other.

And while you are practicing with these phrases, don't forget to pay attention to other things such as pronunciation or some new vocabulary.

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