5 Major Reasons to Learn Spanish With Music (+ 6 Greatest Spanish Hits)

5 Major Reasons to Learn Spanish With Music (+ 6 Greatest Spanish Hits)

Do you want a fresh and motivating way to learn Spanish?

If you do, you should try learning Spanish with music.

Not that it is possible but it’s one of the efficient learning tools for learning a language. The power of music is fascinating.

Just think about how many catchy Spanish songs you already know. Try recalling one of them. Start singing it. You know every word from the song, don’t you? Well, that’s the power of music.

Or you don’t have to think about Spanish songs at all. Think about any of your favorite songs and start singing them. How do you feel? Inspired, positive, and happy, right? And again, the power of music!

For all o you who still can’t believe that they can’t learn Spanish through music, we have more arguments and explanations.

Keep up reading the post and you’ll find the 5 major reasons why you should start using music to learn Spanish.

5 Major Reasons to Learn Spanish With Music

Listening skills Improvement

If you’ve ever been to any of the Spanish-speaking countries, you know how fast and with passion natives speak.

Books and grammar exercises don’t prepare you for that.

Listening to Spanish songs, however, can.

Therefore, the more often you listen to the songs, the faster you’ll get used to the speaking tempo of the native Spanish speakers.

Pronunciation Improvement

Even though Spanish is among the easiest languages to learn, for any Spanish learners, especially for beginners, pronouncing some words and phrasescan be pretty challenging.

From books, you can find out many useful things, learn new words and phrases, practice grammar, etc., but you can’t hear now some of the words have to be pronounced.

Spanish songs can provide you that possibility.

Think of it this way: learning pronunciation and spelling rules from books is a theory, and listening to songs is practice.

Boosting Vocabulary

Listening to songs in Spanish will help you expand and improve your vocabulary. Thanks to the songs, you have a particular context for new words and phrases. It is also more likely to remember those words if you learn them this way than writing them down over and over again.

Comprehension Skills Improvement

Practicing speaking skills is very important. After all, that is the main reason we all want to learn a foreign language.

But, let’s be honest; it can be quite boring to practice the same expressions and use them in the same conversations over and over again.

But when we talk about songs, we all have favorite songs we can listen to a hundred times and not get bored. Well, perhaps, they can be boring after 10,000 listenings but compare listening to a song 10.000 times and talking about the same topic that many times.

So, after listening to a song several times, you make the connection among the sounds, then words, and then the whole point of the song.

Getting to Know With The Spanish Culture 

Listening to Spanish songs is another great way to meet with the Spanish culture.

Thanks to the songs, you have an insight into the habits and the way of life which can’t be learned from books.

The songs’ lyrics can teach you Spanish slang words, different Spanish dialects, and colloquialisms as well.

People mainly sing songs to show their feelings, so this way, you will also find out about Spanish feelings, such as love, sorrow, or passion.

The 6 Greatest Spanish Hit Songs For Learning Spanish

Just like people, Spanish songs are mainly catchy, full of happiness, love, passion, and freedom.

Many of them are worldwide-known and favorite among many people.

In the following lines, you can find some of the greatest Spanish hit songs that can help you learn and practice the language.

La Bicikleta - Shakira & Carlos Vives

These two amazing singers show you how Colombia has many people with talents. This is an optimistic and fun song, full of ‘summer feeling.’  Besides Columbian colloquial phrases you can hear, you can also learn a bit about their culture and land making you want to teleport over there immediately

La Cansion Del Mariachi - Antonio Banderas & Los Lobos

No person in the world could say that they haven’t heard this song. Even though it is performed by both Mexican and Spanish artists, it is one of the classics every Spanish speaker or learner knows. 

Made for the movie ‘Desperado,’ the song is about a girl with brown/black hair, making you feel amazed every time you hear it.

Ya No se Que Haser Conmigo - Cuarteto de Nos

This song breaks all the stereotypes anyone has about the Spanish people and their culture. And even about the Spanish songs. Performed by Uruguayan artists, this pop-rock song shows that in Uruguay football isn't the first and only thing in people’s lives, but it’s so entertaining that it makes you wanna dance all day after hearing it.

There’s also a little bit of rap, so naturally, they sing a little faster, so you have to be fully concentrated to recognize words. So, beginners practice a little bit more before you learn the lyrics.

Latinoamérica - La Calle 13

Its artists come from Puerto Rico. At first, many would think that this is another catchy song, ideal for hot summer on the beach.

But, this song is much more than that. It is about the wish for Latin America to be united, and to all the native Spanish speakers be like one. The message it sends is very powerful, so powerful that makes you chill. It also talks about the beauty of the Spanish language and Latin America.

Mentira - La Ley Letra

Not only fast and catchy songs are performed by Spanish artists. Slow Spanish songs are highly valued as well. If you’ve ever heard some Chilean ballad, it must be this one. Performed by amazing Chilean musicians, this song is a perfect example of how native Spanish speakers can make amazing ballads, the ones you’ll get to them over and over again.

Agua - Jarabe de Palo

One of the ideal Spanish songs for beginners because of its slow tune and clear lyrics anyone can understand.

It is made especially for Spanish learners to help them with vocabulary and to practice their listening skills. If you watch the video, you can see that there are words written both in English and Spanish. The words are also marked with different colors, so you can easily recognize the English equivalents. Moreover, the infinitive of every verb from the song is shown on the screen, so not only it helps you with vocabulary and listening skills, but it is also ideal for learning grammar!

Final Thoughts

In the previous lines, we’ve given our best to show you that learning Spanish with music can be possible as any other way. Or better, more possible, and efficient.

We’ve also chosen some of the greatest Spanish hits to help you practice Spanish. But there are so many more waiting for you to discover them!

Don’t forget to listen to each of the songs we’ve recommended. That way, you’ll easily find your favorite rhythm and you can start dancing, singing, and learning, too.

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