Language learning as brain training

Language learning as brain training

A sure way to invite cognitive decline is to stop learning new things, accumulating new knowledge. Your brain is just like your muscles: it requires constant training (and sometimes straining) in order to grow and if you stop using it, its strength declines. The less often you activate your brain’s connections between knowledge hubs, the slower the connections become.

Language acquisition

And a sure way to prevent that is learning languages. You may not even be into language acquisition, but in case you are wondering how to train your brain, an awesome way to do so is indeed studying new languages.

Fluent speaker

First, do it casually. Do not learn the language in order to become a fluent speaker, because you will poison your brain with unrealistic expectations. Remember: this is brain training and even 10 minutes a day will do.

Exotic languages

Second, find exotic languages from your point of view. If you are Chinese, try to pick up Ukrainian. If you are Spanish, consider Urdu. The world possesses a huge pool to choose from. An unusual writing system, e.g. hieroglyphs, will make your brain stretch its perceptions. It will be like going to the gym for your brain.


Third, be consistent. That is why I suggested 10 minutes a day. Being consistent by learning two hours every day will be impossible for a beginner, and 10 minutes is a good starting point. Who knows: you might even like it and gradually increase your learning period.

What is the best way to train my brain?

The best way to train your brain is to start learning a foreign language.

Why do I need to train my brain?

The brain is like muscles and if you don't its strength declines.

How much time do I have to learn a foregn language to train my brain?

You don't have to become fluent, a 10-minute training a day will do.

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