How to Learn English with a Friend

How to Learn English with a Friend

Your thoughts right now probably are, we all speak English, right? because it's the world's most recognized and common language.

That may not be completely true since we have countries with an English-speaking population of less than ten percent.

But then the need to understand and speak the English language cannot be downplayed.

Here are reasons why you should learn the English language

For better global communication

A greater percentage of the world population speaks the English language, and for you to be able to interact with people at that level you should be able to speak and understand the English language.

To maximize numerous knowledge sources

With a good understanding of English, you would have a good number of resources to learn from concerning different fields. This is because most Journals, Texts, Research, and Best-selling books are written in the English language.

Better world-class opportunities

Many times multinational deals require the use of the English language to facilitate their processes and conclude contracts as it is the most common language. 

How to learn English with a friend

Learning with a friend is certainly one of the most pleasant experiences and yields the fastest results. It's the best learning condition because you are being just yourself, with no fright, at your own pace, in the perfect conducive environment, and with a little fun at intervals.

Here's how to learn English with a friend

Read Books and Novels Together

Novels have been counted as one of the most efficient ways to learn English better. Reading the same books and novels as your friend helps you learn new vocabulary, learn about English structures, and build your confidence to speak better.

Discuss the Things You Have Read

One way to have that knowledge stuck in your head is to talk about it. Teaching other people what you have learned helps you understand it better and makes you more confident and proud of your efforts.

Watch Movies and Videos Together

Even while having fun, you can learn a whole lot from seeing a movie with your friend. Movies heighten your interest in learning English as it lets you into the practical experience of being a fluent speaker.

Listen to Audios

While reading and learning you should also try listening to audio with your friend. This might include: word pronunciation, music, etc.

Learn with a Dictionary

You should also have a dictionary beside you when learning English. You might encounter new vocabulary and in order to understand them better, their meanings are important.

Choose a Conducive Time and Place

Ambiance aids learning while learning English with your friend, make sure to stay in a good environment, away from distractions. A place where you can hear your mind read, yourselves talk and your brains think. You should also do it at a time you are most comfortable with.

Final thoughts

Learning the English language isn’t a difficult task, you just have to take the decision and follow it up with actions. Learning with a friend makes it much easier while applying these techniques.

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