How Long Does it Take to Learn Greek?

How Long Does it Take to Learn Greek?

In everything that we do, there is always a process that takes time. It is crucial that you take your time instead of rushing things which, most of the time, results in nothing but failure.

Most people who are successful and happy in life are those who worked really hard for years to achieve what they have at the moment. Nothing as precious and satisfying happens overnight like owning a house and lot, winning the lottery, graduating in college, giving birth, etc.

We must understand that everything has proper timing. And, no matter how much you wish for them, things in life don't always go our way. You'll need hard work and patience combined to succeed. Such is very effective, too, when learning a language.

Not because it's just a language that you're studying means that it should be easy for you. In fact, most language learners find it frustrating at times. Whether it is English or any other language in the world that you want to master, you must be ready to take it one step at a time.

The Greek language is a very complex language to learn and it is understandable to find it hard to master. But, it does not follow that it is impossible to learn. If you are dedicated for some reason to learning Greek, you can do it. Just take some time and consider the tips we have listed below for you to try.


  • Start with the Greek alphabet. The alphabet or the letters used in a specific language is the origin of all the words you will soon encounter. Also, if you can produce their sounds properly, pronouncing basic and complex Greek words will be a breeze, too.
  • Watch videos and movies in Greek. This will make you get familiar faster with this target language as you watch native speakers talk and make meaningful conversations. You would know when and how to use important common expressions in Greek if you do this.
  • Seek help from people around you. They can assist you in speaking Greek in your everyday dealings. Since they are aware of your goal, those people can be understanding enough to try and talk to you in Greek as well or at least accept responses in that language.
  • Download helpful apps. There are a lot of applications online that you can download and use while you're on your way to work or anywhere, even anytime you want. All you need is a mobile phone or a laptop to help you out.
  • Practice using the language more often. The more you use Greek, the faster you get familiar with the language, too. Later on, you'll realize as well that it will become more comfortable for you to do.


To learn Greek is just like any learning that people can successfully achieve over time. Being discouraged because of failure at the first try and feel that it's a long journey is never essential. Enjoy the process and be proud when you finally master it.

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