How Can I Improve My Vocabulary in 30 Days?

How Can I Improve My Vocabulary in 30 Days?

You cannot say that you've completely mastered a language if you don't have a rich vocabulary of it. There can be a lot of new words in a certain language that a learner should know before they can be considered fluent in it. Language is constantly evolving and one main example of that is English, the universal language.

Along with the innovations in technology, social media, education, employment, and other aspects of our lives, it is not surprising that more and more words are added to the dictionary. And, as a student of a widely-used language like English, it would be a good idea to keep up with new words and slang.

It's true that it takes time and some dedication but definitely, anyone can do it. Want some very effective tips on how to succeed? Here you go. Read on and find out how to improve vocabulary in 30 days from the list below:

  • Read more and read different materials written in your target language.
  • Always bring a dictionary and a thesaurus with you. Whether they are online or actual books, make sure to bring them wherever you go.
  • Write on a journal and use it to track how many new words you already learned since day one. Make it a habit to write one entry each day especially whenever you discover new words.
  • Aim for one word a day. This may seem very easy and simple. Slowly but surely, you'll realize that you are actually getting faster in memorizing new words.

Play games and activities that will put to test your newly-encountered words. Try thinking creatively on your own or find some online. You can have various resources online to choose from as well. You just need to be resourceful enough.

Engage in discussions that make use of your target language. No matter what language you are trying to learn, it is important that you always practice using those new words.

Help yourself in those 30 days by making it a fun and interesting journey. It can be more memorable if you let go of the pressure, though. Do not think of it as a race or test. Just make think of it as one of your hobbies and you'll surely enjoy every step of it.
Remember that once you succeed in this, more beautiful things will follow in your life. Maybe not yet today or tomorrow, but who knows? You might need to your improve vocabulary in the future for your career and other plans. Practice every day and do not mind if you are slow or fast. Track how much you learned.
You'll be better at expressing yourself in so many different ways with this new skill so go on and do your best. Happy learning!

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