Be a Kid Again: 5 Most Entertaining Grammar Games For Adults

Be a Kid Again: 5 Most Entertaining Grammar Games For Adults

Do you like playing games?

Even though some of you would never admit it, everyone, including adults, likes playing games.

Have you ever tried using games to learn grammar?

No, it’s not a trick. We are all aware of the fact that learning grammar can be boring.

Who says that with games you can’t learn and practice grammar?

Besides being fun, games can actually be helpful and make you want to practice grammar more.

But before you start worrying about making mistakes, take a look at the following grammar games for adults that we think may be a fun way to improve your grammar skills.

Thanks to these games, you’ll become a grammar ninja in no time.

The 5 Most Entertaining Interactive Grammar Games For Adults

Find your inner child, let him out, and start having fun with these interactive grammar games.

Quick Questions

If you are a beginner, this game is ideal for you. It's easy and simple and it still helps you put the words in a sentence that will be grammatically correct.

You'll need several classmates to play. Write down several different topics, such as job, weather, places, or hobbies. One of you starts the way that he has to choose one category and pick a word associated with it. Don’t tell that word out loud.

The others ask questions that can help them reveal the word. Players can ask a maximum of 20 questions. 

You give them simple answers, yes or no. Players have to keep track of their questions and answers. Every ‘yes’ with grammatically correct questions receives points.

A participant who has the most points wins.

You can play this game as many times as you want. If you want to spice the game more, you can set up a time limit.


For this game, you don't need any mobile device or internet connection.

An imagination is perfectly enough.

You will also need several people, language students because you have to be divided into two groups.

A crime has happened. One group will be suspected. Members of that group have to talk to each other and make up a good alibi.

The other group interrogates each member of the suspected group. When the interrogation is finished, the stories are being compared. If the stories match up, the group is free of charge. Otherwise, they are guilty.

Ideal for intermediate learners, this is an entertaining way to practice tenses in your target language, especially past tenses.


Besides being perfect for expanding your vocabulary, this game can be modified in a way to help you practice grammar as well.

All you need is a pen and paper. Make bingo cards out of paper. Instead of writing down the number, like the classical bingo game, write down some grammar rules, exceptions, or examples of the sentences used in a particular tense on one side.

Which gap you will use and how it is going to look depends on your creativity. Here’s our suggestion.

Present tense




Past tense


Irregular verbs



On the other side of the paper, write down the numbers. Let someone start picking numbers randomly. Any player who has the numbers has to make a sentence of that grammar rule. The player who has most of the numbers guessed, which means most of the correct sentences or examples, has to say ‘Bingo!’

Memory Circle Game

The only thing you will need for this game is your creativity and several other participants. You can set up new rules or modify the existing ones.

The game is ideal for every level and age, from beginner to advanced students and 7 to 107.

Before you start playing, you have to set up the rules clearly. If you want to improve your grammar skills, it means that you have to focus on grammar during the game.

For example, let the grammar category be ‘past tenses’.

Everyone has to stand up and form a circle. The first player has to make up a sentence that contains past tense. It can be, for example, ‘I ate a salad last night.’ The participant next to him continues making a new sentence and using the existing one, such as ‘He ate a salad last night, and I ate pizza.’ And the following player continues that way around the circle.

When someone misses saying sometimes or says grammatically incorrect, he has to sit down because the game for him is over. The person who remains standing alone is the winner.

Hot Potato

Let us be clear right at the beginning. You can use a potato but it isn’t mandatory. You can use any other object you want.

The game is suitable for beginners. Even though, at first sight, it may seem like a game that improves only your speaking skills, it is, however, very grateful as an interactive game for practicing and improving your grammar skills, too.

For this game, you will need a timer, two potatoes (or any other object), and flashcards. You can make your own flashcards with grammar examples.

Set the timer, start it, and let the potato circles from one player to another. When the timer goes off, the player who has the potato at that moment will be shown a flashcard. If he guesses the rule correctly, the game continues, and he stays active playing. In case he answers wrong, he’s out.

You can use two potatoes ( or any other objects) in a way that when one player has a potato X asks the other player who has a potato Y one question about the flashcard that he has to answer.

The player who remains is a winner.

Climb the Pyramid

For this game, you have to gather several people. Divide them into two teams.

Draw the pyramid and divide it into ten rows, for example. Use magnets or any other small objects that represent each of the teams. Set the teams’ objects left and right from the pyramid.

Let one team ask questions and the other answers. For every correctly said question and answer, they go up. Questions and answers have to start from the easy ones and gradually become more and more difficult.

The first thing they say has to be the answer (or the question). There’s no second chance in here.

In the end, the team that gets to the top of the pyramid is the winner.

Final Thoughts

Learning grammar with games is an efficient learning tool because not only it’s fun and helps you practice grammar, but it also helps you improve your other language skills, such as speaking and listening skills and vocabulary.

Now you see that grammar doesn’t have to be boring as everyone thinks. On the contrary, it can be quite fun. You just have to find a way to make it entertaining. And these games and free grammar apps can help you with that.


However, don’t think that only games can help you learn grammar and improve your other language skills.

If you’re interested in becoming fluent in a new language, check out these top online learning resources: Kick off your learning with Babbel, where interactive, enjoyable lessons are designed to blend smoothly into your routine, fostering fast and effective language learning. For those aiming for an in-depth understanding, Udemy provides a broad spectrum of courses from basic to advanced levels. To enhance your speaking skills, Preply connects you with native speakers for personalized coaching, ensuring significant improvement. Take advantage of a 50% discount on your first lesson at Preply with this link.

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