Love Has No Language: 14 Most Romantic German Idioms About Love

Love Has No Language: 14 Most Romantic German Idioms About Love

Do you know the German word for ‘love?’ It is ‘Liebe.’ It sounds romantic, doesn’t it? And have you ever tried pronouncing the phrase ‘Ich Liebe dich?’ Does it sound a little harsh for a love expression? 

Besides being one of the hardest languages to learn, German, indeed, sounds pretty ‘rough’. For people who don’t speak the language, it may seem that Germans only want to fight and shout while talking.

Imagine, then, a surprise when we say that there are plenty of German phrases about love and romance that even if they might sound a little rough are some of the essential expressions any German student should learn. Besides some common German phrases, you never know when you’ll need these romantic words.

So, let’s get prepared for the most romantic day with the 14 most romantic German idioms about love.

14 Most Romantic German Idioms About Love

Ich Liebe Dich

Meaning: I love you

Telling someone you love them isn’t an everyday phrase. You have to really mean it and feel that way.

So, before you decide if you want to say this to your significant other, keep in mind that this phrase shouldn’t be taken for granted. In the meantime, keep practicing the pronunciation.

Küss mich. 

Meaning: Kiss me.

Here’s one short, but pretty clear expression. Even though in German this is an imperative form of the verb ‘küssen’ (to kiss) we don’t think that anyone would mind this.

In case you want to be less direct, you can say this: ‘Kann ich einen Kuss haben?’ (Can I have a kiss?) but the point is the same.

Ich Steh’ Auf Dich. 

Meaning: I’m into you.

Here’s one more romantic phrase that shows your true feelings. Although it's not as serious as the previous one, it shows that you really like that person.

But, be careful when you use this expression because it can have a sexual connotation. You don’t want your person to misunderstand you, do you?

Also, pay attention to the pronunciation and word choice because if you use ‘dir’ instead of ‘dich’ it means that you are on top of someone!

Du Bist Die Liebe Meines Lebens

Meaning: You’re the love of my life.

The expression is usually connected with the ‘Ich liebe dich’ and it isn’t one of the ones you should say to every person you really like because it loses the meaning.

In only one sentence, you put all your true and sincere feelings about someone, so before you choose to say it out loud, make sure you know how to pronounce it right.

Ich Bin Bis über Beide Ohren Verliebt. 

Meaning: I’m head over heels in love.

Have you noticed how languages have some really cool ways to express your love?

In English, when we really like someone that we’re falling in love with, we say ‘head over heels.’ In German, it is ‘over both ears.’ No matter if we’ve fallen in love over heels or both ears, it’s good to know some shiny phrases to tell your partner how much you like them.

Willst du Mein Freund/Meine Freundin Sein? 

Meaning: Do you want to be my boyfriend/girlfriend?

This is one of the clear and straightforward phrases you can use to ask someone if he/she wants to be your boyfriend/girlfriend.

The words Freud/ Freundin have the meaning of a ‘male/female friend’ but it can also mean ‘boyfriend/girlfriend.’ If you use this word alone, or talking about Freud/Freundin, you can be a little mysterious and so your speaker won’t know whether you talk about a friend or boyfriend/girlfriend. So, everything depends on the context.

Willst Du Mit Mir Gehen? 

Meaning: Do you want to go out with me?

This phrase is usually used in informal situations. If you don’t want to be that direct like when you are saying ‘Willst du mein freund/meine freundin sein,’ you can use this one.

Moreover, if you only want to go on a date with someone but that doesn’t necessarily have to end in a relationship, the phrase is perfect, as well.

Liebe Macht Blind

Meaning: Blinded by love

You probably know the feeling when you see someone for the first time and you are practically ‘Liebe Macht blind’ or in English, ‘blinded by love.’ You don’t see any flaws and that person is the most perfect human being you’ve ever seen or met. It’s similar to ‘love at first sight.’

Von Luft Und Liebe Leben

Meaning: All you need is love.

When you are in love but you can’t say that you are financially safe, which is often for young people, people might tell you that ‘Von luft und Liebe Leben’ or the English equivalent ‘All you need is love,’ in the meaning that even if they don’t have enough money, they have each other and love. And that’s what matters.

This German idiom literally means ‘live on air and love.’ 

Der Liebe Ist Kein Ding Unmöglich

Meaning: Nothing is impossible in love.

Love is the most important thing in our lives. It gives us strength and helps us move forward. 

So, everything we can do, we can do it thanks to that wonderful feeling of love.

Therefore, this expression is exactly what we need in these romantic days, the fact that ‘Der Liebe ist kein Ding unmöglich.’

Liebe Geht Durch Den Magen

Meaning: The way to a man's (woman's) heart is through their stomach.

The direct translation of the phrase would be ‘love goes through the stomach.’

But no matter the translation, we understand the point of this phrase. Cooking skills, preparing delicious dishes can become one of our allies if we want to win the heart of that special person.

And did you know that cooking releases endorphins, hormones responsible for our happiness?

So, start learning to prepare some delicious meals while practicing to pronounce ‘Liebe geht durch den Magen.’

Pech im Spiel, Glück in der Liebe

Meaning: Lucky at cards, unlucky in love.

This expression implies that we can’t have it all. If you have luck with love, you won’t have luck with cards or with money and the other way round. The phrase was invented because men who were in love couldn’t concentrate on cards when they were gambling, so they started to lose.

Der Liebe Ist Kein Wind Zu Kalt.

Meaning: No wind is too cold for lovers.

This expression is so poetic, isn’t it? And if you add the German word for sweetheart, which is ‘Schantz,’ you can even write a love poem. It makes you think about the wonderful feeling of love, even if you aren’t in love at the moment.

So, when you have someone to be with you and ‘warm you up’ then ‘der Liebe ist kein wind zu kalt’ right?

Wider Die Liebe Ist Kein Kraut Gewachsen

Meaning: There’s no cure for love.

Love isn’t a sickness but it makes us feel that way sometimes. That’s why no man has ever found a cure for love, except that particular, significant person.

Final Thoughts

Love has no language. 

No matter if you’re head over heels with some handsome German guy or pretty German girl or you simply want to boost your vocabulary, these German idioms about love are something you have to place into your vocabulary basket.

Who knows, maybe the German language and number 14 are your lucky combination.

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What are some beautiful German quotes about love?

1. Ich Liebe Dich - I love you. 2. Ich Steh Auf Dich. - I’m into you. 3. Du Bist Die Liebe Meines Lebens - I’m head over heels in love. 4. Willst du Mein Freund/Meine Freundin Sein? - Do you want to be my boyfriend/girlfriend? 5. Willst Du Mit Mir Gehen? - Do you want to go out with me?

What does this mean - Liebe Macht Blind?

Blinded by love

What does this mean - Von Luft Und Liebe Leben?

You’re the love of my life.

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