French Clothing Vocabulary: Dress With Style With 60 New French Words

French Clothing Vocabulary: Dress With Style With 60 New French Words

It is worldwide known that the French are a synonym for fashion and style.

So, when you learn French, it is necessary to know words and phrases related to French clothing.

When you visit any of the French-speaking countries, especially France, one of the main conversations you will lead is surely about fashion and clothing.

Here, we will provide you with the 60 most common words related to clothing and fashion.

Moreover, we've prepared the list of these words and phrases in a PDF file which you can download for free. Anytime you need it, you can take a look at the list.

And now let's dive in.

How to learn French Clothing Vocabulary?

Learning and remembering words and phrases about clothing in French doesn't have to be boring. We have some ideas on how you might learn French clothing vocabulary the fun way.

Use Flashcards

Everyone knows that flashcards are an effective language learning tool because they help you memorize words and phrases easier and faster.

Make your own flashcards using the old-fashioned way with pen and paper. On one side of the paper write down the word or phrase and on the other the meaning in English, if you are a beginner, or an explanation if you are more intermediate proficiency level.

If you don't have time or will for it, you can always use flashcard apps. There are many great apps for your mobile device so you can use it wherever you go and whenever you want.

Organize Fashion Week at Home

Learning French on your own can be hard at times but it also makes you creative.

In this case, for example, you can make the whole party out of learning clothing vocabulary.

Organize your own fashion week at home. Use your wardrobe to dress. Choose one style and pick several combinations. Describe what you are wearing, name the colors and part of the clothes you have on yourself.

Here's another idea: every week, write down some clothes on a piece of paper you will wear that week.

You can also add some accessories as well as explanations why you are choosing that outfit, which colors are more desirable, and how you feel about it.

Besides being fun, it is very practical because you learn new words and phrases and practice speaking skills, boost vocabulary, and expand your horizons.

Visit French Clothing Websites And Brands

As we've mentioned, the French is a synonym for style.

Therefore, another way to familiarize yourself with clothing vocabulary is by visiting French brands' websites.

This way, you will make learning more interesting.

Petit Bateau, Promod, or Cyrillus are only some of the stores and brands you can visit, learn words, and perhaps even shop for something.

French Clothing Vocabulary

‘Vêtement,’ ‘l’habit,’ or in slang ‘les fringues,’ it is not important which word you will use as long as you are familiar with its meaning ‘clothing.’

Besides this one, in the following lines, you will learn 60 more clothing-related words in French you can use in many different situations and one more topic to talk about with native speakers.

Vêtement Supérieur (Upper Garment)

Women always have difficulties with what to wear. On the other hand, thanks to many similar top parts both men and women may have difficulties knowing the difference between some of the clothes.

We hope that the following names of the upper garments will be helpful in learning the nuances.

  • La chemise — shirt
  • Le chemisier- blouse
  • Le gilet- cardigan
  • Le pull — sweater 
  • La robe — dress
  • Le tee-shirt — T-shirt

Les Pantalons et Les Jupes (Pants And Skirts)

Many French words are used in English and vice versa.

The bottom parts of the clothes are one of them so you won't have difficulties remembering them.

  • Le jean — jeans
  • La jupe — skirt
  • La mini jupe- miniskirt
  • Le pantalon — pants/trousers
  • Le short — shorts
  • Le smoking- tuxedo
  • Le tailleur- suit
  • Le veston de sport- sport jacket

Vêtements de Plein Air (Outdoor Clothing)

French vocabulary is full of outdoor clothing.

In the following lines, you can learn some of them.

  • L’anorak- ski jacket
  • Le blouson — jacket
  • Le chapeau — hat
  • Le coupe-vent- windbreaker
  • L’écharpe — scarf
  • Les gants — gloves
  • L’imperméable — raincoat
  • Le manteau — coat
  • La veste — sports coat/jacket

Sous-vêtement (Underwear)

When we talk about underwear vocabulary, interestingly, in different parts of France you can come across to the French slang words for different types of underwear.

Some, however, are known and used everywhere.

  • Le caleçon — (men’s) underpants
  • La culotte — (women’s) panties
  • Les chaussettes — socks
  • Le maillot de corps- undershirt
  • Le pyjama — pajamas
  •  Le slip — underwear
  • Le soutien-gorge — bra

Les Accessoires (Accessories)

If you want to be stylish and fashionable, accessories are an inevitable part, especially in the French world. No matter if you prefer ‘la montre’  (watch) or you would rather wear ‘le collier,’ (necklace) it is useful to know the terms in French.

  • La bague- ring
  • Le bandeau- headband
  • Les boucles dćoreille- earrings
  • Le bracelet- bracelet
  • La brosse à cheveux- hairbrush
  • Le collier- necklace
  • La cravate — tie
  • La ceinture — belt
  • Les lunettes- glasses
  • Les lunettes de soleil- sunglasses
  • La montre- watch
  • Le noeud papillon- bow tie
  • Le parapluie- umbrella
  • Le peigne- comb
  • Le perruque- wig

Les Chaussures (Shoes)

As for the shoes, just like in English you would use the word for shoes in general, in French is ‘les chaussures,’ but if you want to be more specific, you can use some of the following words.

  • Les baskets — sneakers
  • Les bottes — boots
  • Les chaussures à hauts talons- high-heeled shoes
  • Les pantoufles — slippers
  • Les sandales- sandals
  • Les tennis- sneakers
  • Les tongs- flip flops

Final Thoughts

And now the only thing that remains is to take some time to study these words, learn to pronounce them correctly, and use them in particular situations.

In the meantime, don’t forget to download the List of French Clothing Words so that you can have access anytime and anywhere.

If you're interested in expanding your vocabulary even further, you should try some of these cool options: Check out Babbel for fun, interactive lessons that fit into your day easily. If you want something more in-depth, there's a great French course on Udemy that covers everything from the basics to more advanced topics. And if you prefer learning with a personal touch, Lingoda offers classes with native speakers that can really help you practice speaking.

How to learn French Clothing Vocabulary?

Use Flashcards, Organize Fashion Week at Home, Visit French Clothing Websites And Brands

What are some French clothing words?

Vêtement Supérieur (Upper Garment), Les Pantalons et Les Jupes (Pants And Skirts), Vêtements de Plein Air (Outdoor Clothing), Sous-vêtement (Underwear)

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