5 Best Spanish Textbooks for Self-Study That Will Help You Become Fluent

5 Best Spanish Textbooks for Self-Study That Will Help You Become Fluent

Learning Spanish on your own seems the best solution for you?

Have you found the right material?

Or perhaps you need some help?


Today, there are so many ways, methods, and tips on how you can learn Spanish by yourself. 

Besides learning with movies, podcasts, YouTube channels, books, etc., one of the best ways is learning with books. 

But which are the best Spanish textbooks for self-study?


How can you decide which one is right for you?

We can help you. In the following lines, you can find some of the Spanish textbooks for self-study that can be right for you.


The Best Spanish Textbooks for Self-Study 

Today, there’s a lot of good textbooks and different materials for Spanish self-study.

It is never easy to achieve high proficiency in any language, not only Spanish.

You have so many resources available that you don’t know where to turn in the first place. And, yes, that is good news. 

But it can be confusing, too.


For example, you buy a textbook, which, by the way, costs quite a lot.

After some time struggling with it, you realize that the book is for intermediate learners. And you need something for beginners.

That is why you should take a look at the textbooks we’ve picked for you, depending on your proficiency level and part of the language you want to improve.


Now, hold your breath and find out the best Spanish learning books.


Practise Makes Perfect: Spanish Conversation


Best for: Conversation

Proficiency level: Intermediate


If you want to improve conversational skills in Spanish, self-study with textbooks can be a little tricky because it needs practice.

However, one of them can be helpful, and that is Practise Makes Perfect: Spanish Conversation.

The goal of this book is to develop a spontaneous speaking style as much as it is possible with a textbook.

The book is divided into 12 units, where there are many different real-life situations such as introduction, giving opinions, or telling a story.

Even though advanced learners, as well as beginners, can use it, the book is ideal for intermediate Spanish learners.

What makes this book a suitable one are clear instructions of word usage, syntax, and correct pronunciation.

English to Spanish and vice versa glossary is included as well.


Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Grammar


Best for: Grammar

Proficiency level: from beginner to advanced


Whether we all want to admit or not, the truth is that grammar can be monotonous. 

However, it is necessary to learn so that you can speak to others. Therefore, grammar is one of the vital parts of the language.

Luckily, some textbooks can not only be entertaining but useful as well.

The book ‘Practice makes perfect: Complete Spanish Grammar,’ covers essential grammar rules beginner and intermediate learners need. This book offers clear explanations, concrete examples, various exercises, and learning easy Spanish step-by-step

Moreover, there is an audio recording, so that you can practice listening as well.

If you are an upper-intermediate or advanced Spanish learner, and you need a bit of tricky grammar parts to overcome, then the book ‘Practice makes perfect: advanced Spanish grammar’ is the best solution.

This book is a detailed version of the previous one. A lot of practical exercises and sophisticated phrases can help you improve your communication skills.


See It And Say It In Spanish


Best for: Vocabulary

Proficiency level: Beginner, Intermediate


Without vocabulary, no language learner can go further in their journey to fluency. In fact, they can’t even begin it.

Learning new words and expanding your vocabulary is essential in learning Spanish. 

The ‘See it and say it in Spanish’ is a kind of a dictionary. It is one of the Spanish books for kids as much as for adults. It can help you with Spanish vocabulary through pictures.

Each word or phrase is followed by the picture, which explains its meaning.

Additionally, you can find many Spanish words and phrases that sound similar to their English equivalents.

The main intention is to ease your Spanish and help you start speaking about everyday topics.

Living Language Spanish, Complete Edition


Best for: Conversation

Proficiency level: from beginner to advanced


You don’t need to be a master to know that for improving conversational skills, you need something that is going to teach you conversational Spanish.

Three books for beginner, intermediate, and advanced Spanish learners, and with topic-based chapters of each book are the primary goal of the book ‘Living language Spanish, complete edition.’

Books are followed with nine CDs, 3 CDs for each level, and with a high-quality, they work together with the books.

Each chapter, that is, each topic is made to teach you new words, help you with grammar, but foremost, to encourage you to practice constantly.


A Second Spanish Reader: A Dual-Language Book


Best for: Reading

Proficiency level: from intermediate to advanced


Reading is one of the essentials when talking about boosting your vocabulary, learning new phrases, and even diving into the world of slang. Not to mention grammar, and real-life situations you can get into, and see how conversations should be.

One of the books that is worth trying out is ‘A second Spanish reader: A dual-language book.’

In this book, one page is in English and another in Spanish. It can be helpful at any time you get stuck with some words or expressions in Spanish, and you can take a pick at the English version.

Even though it has a dual-language possibility, this book is best for intermediate and advanced Spanish learners, and not for beginners. The reason is simple: beginners need some time and learning improvement to get to the point when they can read books in Spanish. 

But for those beginners, we have to say one thing; Save this information, and when you get to the intermediate level, dive into the reading world in Spanish.


Final Thoughts

These Spanish textbooks for self-study are more than helpful in learning Spanish. And now you have all of them in one place, or better, on one shelf.

The good thing is that you can learn from these books alone, or use them as a supplement with podcasts, video channels, or even in the classroom. 

The point is that you achieve constant progress in Spanish.

So, when you boost your vocabulary, master grammar, and improve your conversational skills, you can speak to any Spanish native, from any of the Spanish-speaking countries. And you can even use Spanish slang with them. And that feeling is amazing.


Buena suerte!

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