A simple pocket guide to Portuguese - Going to Brazil!

A simple pocket guide to Portuguese - Going to Brazil!

Hey everyone! So, I recently decided to tackle Brazil - a country that's been on my bucket list forever because of its stunning landscapes, buzzing cities, and that unbeatable samba vibe. But, let's be real, the idea of trying to get around with my very, very limited Portuguese was kinda freaking me out. 🙈 But hey, I figured some stuff out along the way, and I thought, why not share it with you guys? If I can do it, anyone can! So, here goes nothing!

Step 1: The Basics of Being Polite

Alright, so first up, just saying hi and thanks goes a long way in Brazil. People are super friendly here, and a little politeness is key.

  • To say "Hi": Just say "Olá"
  • "Good morning" is "Bom dia" (use this till about noon)
  • "Good afternoon" is "Boa tarde" (from noon till it starts to get dark)
  • And "Good evening/night" is "Boa noite" (for when it's actually dark)
  • Don’t forget "Please" which is "Por favor" and "Thank you" is either "Obrigado" if you're a dude or "Obrigada" if you're not
  • Oh, and "Sorry" is "Desculpa"

Starting with "Olá, tudo bem?" which means "Hello, how are you?" is pretty chill and friendly.

Step 2: Getting Around This Huge Place

Brazil is MASSIVE, and figuring out how to get from A to B can be a bit of a headache. But here are some phrases that helped me:

  • Asking "Where is...?" is "Onde fica...?"
  • If you wanna know "How do I get to...?" it’s "Como eu chego em...?"
  • "Is it far?" is super useful and it’s "É longe?"
  • For rides, know these: "Bus" is "Ônibus", "Train" is "Trem", "Subway" is "Metrô", and "Taxi" is, well, "Táxi".
  • Saying "I would like a ticket to..." comes in handy: "Eu gostaria de um bilhete para..."

Step 3: Eating and Drinking Here

Trying the food is honestly the best part. Here’s how not to starve:

  • "I would like..." is "Eu gostaria de..."
  • Asking for the "Menu, please" is "Cardápio, por favor"
  • Essentials are "Water": "Água", "Coffee": "Café", and obviously, "Beer": "Cerveja"
  • And don’t leave without saying "The bill, please": "A conta, por favor"

Also, do try a "caipirinha" - it's like THE Brazilian drink. And if you’re feeling adventurous, ask "O que você recomenda?" which means "What do you recommend?"

Step 4: Shopping Around

Whether it’s souvenirs or just window shopping, these helped me out:

  • "How much is it?" is "Quanto custa?"
  • "Can I pay with a card?" is "Posso pagar com cartão?"
  • And if you’re just browsing, "I'm just looking, thanks" is "Só estou olhando, obrigado(a)."
  • Bargain hunters, "Tem desconto?" means "Is there a discount?"

Step 5: Oops, I Need Help!

Hoping you won’t need these, but just in case:

  • "Help!" is "Socorro!"
  • "I need a doctor": "Preciso de um médico."
  • "Where is the nearest hospital?": "Onde fica o hospital mais próximo?"
  • And the dreaded "I lost my passport": "Eu perdi meu passaporte."

Step 6: Diving into the Culture

Brazil’s all about the vibe, so:

  • "Can you recommend a good place for samba?" is "Você pode recomendar um bom lugar para samba?"
  • And because you gotta, "I love Brazilian football": "Eu amo o futebol brasileiro."

Honestly, tackling Brazil without knowing Portuguese isn't as scary as it seems. Brazilians are super welcoming and they totally get it if you mess up. So don’t be shy!

And hey, if you're like me and wanna get a bit more clued up before you hit the ground, I found this pretty cool course that's a total game-changer: This comprehensive course totally saved me. Check it out if you wanna feel a bit more prepared. Safe travels and enjoy Brazil, it’s a blast

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