7 TV Shows That Can Help You Learn Italian at Any Level

7 TV Shows That Can Help You Learn Italian at Any Level

Looking for some of the best TV shows to learn Italian? Whether you are a beginner or a more intermediate or advanced learner, here are 7 great TV shows that can help you learn Italian, at any level.

For Beginners

Un Medico in famiglia (A Doctor in the Family)

This is a drama-like TV show about a widowed doctor called Lele. Lele, his 3 children, and his father move to a small Italian town to start a new life but Lele is often battling between his work and being there for his family.

This show has 10 seasons with about 26 episodes per season for you to watch. You will also learn a lot of Italian vocabulary relating to medicine and family life.

Geronimo Stilton

If you like animated TV shows like “Spongebob Squarepants” then you must check out Geronimo Stilton! The cartoon is about a mouse (Geronimo Stilton) who is a journalist and pursuits stories to write in New Mouse City. 

The show had 3 seasons with 26 episodes with the last episode airing in February 2017. Don’t let that get you down, there are many books on the series, as well as audiobooks and a film in the works! 

Un posto al sole (A Place in the Sun)

This is known as Italy’s longest-running soap opera and it offers a load of drama. From Mysterious murders to tense stories of love and lovers, with gorgeous panorama shots of Italy’s Neapolitan coastline.

Un posto al sole has over 27 seasons dating way back to 1996, with over 6 thousand episodes for you to indulge in.

For Intermediate Learners

Camera Café

Camera cafe is an office-like sitcom series, made up of around 10-minute episodes that show conflicts and mishaps among the employees. This original French concept has achieved great success in not only Italy alone but in many other countries. 

There are over 700 episodes to watch and if you enjoy the sitcom “The Office” then you are guaranteed to enjoy this show as well.

Baciati dall'amore (Kissed by Love)

An Italian drama TV miniseries based on Carlo and Valentina, two completely different people who are chaotic as each other. Carlo is a florist and a single father and Valentina is a biologist, whose father is a lawyer and is trying to prosecute the mafia. 

The sad news is it only has 6 episodes, but you will hear a lot of Italian phrases about biology, floristry, law, family, and love. The show is not an over-the-top drama series as you may expect and the dialogue is a lot slower and clearer.

For Advanced Learners

Gomorra: La Serie (Gomorrah: The Series)

Do you enjoy crime drama shows? You should watch Gomorra. In the show, you learn about the members of the crime organizations in Naples, especially Pietro Savastano (the leader) and Ciro Di Marzio (one of the loyal members). 

This TV show has 5 seasons and 58 episodes, if that isn’t enough for you, there are books that the show was based on, of the same name.

Le Iene (The Hyenas)

This talk show with a bit of an edge goes deep into 

discussing national and international issues. It is known for its investigative reporting and also for having one of the most powerful online existences of all Italian shows. 

You will learn a load of vocabulary relating to topical issues that you might not be shown or heard about in your Italian studies.


There is no greater way than learning another language by watching a TV show in your target language. You are learning without really being aware that you are and it can be a great way to pass the time. Find what suits you, sit back, and enjoy the show!

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