7 Tips For Learning The French Language

7 Tips For Learning The French Language

The French language is one of the most beautiful languages in the world — the language of love, passion, and romance.

According to some people, this language is tough to learn because of its phonetics, pronunciation, grammar, and whatever excuse they can think of at that moment.

Don't let this scare you.

We don't agree that learning French is hard, but quite the opposite.

It can be quite fun and easy.

Today we want to share some useful tips for learning French. These tips are there to help you learn this language with ease.

Trust me, they work!

And this is coming from someone who has used them successfully, and as a result, she was able to learn la langue Française.

Do you want to fall in love with French?

But before you start reading them, the first thing you need to do is be honest with us. Be honest with yourself.

Do you really want to learn this marvelous language?

If the answer is yes, then I have another question for you.

Devrions- nous commencer? Allons! (Should we start? Let's go!)

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Phonetics is not hard

The French spelling system is nothing like the English one. French sounds and letters are also very different, but that doesn't mean it's complicated. It is only that – different.

Learn the alphabet. Learn sounds. First two weeks, listen to the alphabet.

Don't practice writing, but just listen. After that, start writing, but don’t stop listening. When you master this, find some exciting texts or books and practice your reading skills.

This way, you will learn new words and improve your vocabulary – the best thing is that you even won't be aware!

When you actually realize it, your vocabulary will be on a fluent level, and you will thank us for sharing our tips.

Pronunciation in French= motivation

Although English and French share quite a lot of common words, there is a difference in pronunciation, even in words’ meanings. Don't let this demotivate you.

Don't get discouraged. You should certainly stop thinking that you'll never be able to master those words in French. For example, the French nasal R will probably take some time to pronounce right and especially to get used to it, but just keep trying.

Remember, practice makes perfect. 

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Apply your new knowledge and skills

Don't hesitate to actually use the words and phrases you've learned so far.

Your tutor will surely give you a hand and encourage you to use as many new words as you can. Keep repeating them. After you learn some new words or phrases, add them to your circle of repetition.

With every new exercise, your circle of words and phrases will be bigger.

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Learn with music

There are so many French artists you will be delighted to listen to.

Learning with music is very fun and useful. It can help you a lot, and you will even have a feeling of constant progress while you listen to French music.

Use music to practice your pronunciation, too. We recommend checking a great article in our Blog section about Learning a language with songs. Give us a comment on how you did it.

Be consistent

What is the difference between French and English?

Despite popular belief, the difference is not that big. But if we take a look more closely, we’ll see the difference in the phonetics, pronunciation, tenses, conjugation, subjunctive, and so on.

But, hey, don't let this scare you. Just because there is a difference, it doesn't mean it is difficult or that it can't be mastered.

Some of the things in this article will be challenging to overcome. You will spend more time understanding them and then applying them in real life.

Be consistent. Be persistent. You can do it, and there’s no doubt that you will succeed.

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Develop a daily learning habit

Do not be lazy. Make French a daily habit. For example, decide how many times per week you will have classes with your tutor.

On days when you don't have classes, organize yourself to practice the language. For example, watch some interesting movies one day, another day find some interesting stories or fairytales and read them, some other day practice pronunciation and write down words or phrases you aren't sure you're saying correctly.

The point is that you practice French every day.

Learn French with movies

Language learners already know that one of the most efficient ways to learn a language is through movies. You learn, and at the same time, you have fun. What more could you ask for?

Thanks to this unique method of learning French, you get the opportunity to improve your pronunciation, the possibility to acquire popular slang or to rewind whenever you want to.

You also get to find out a lot of things that you can't find in books, such as French kissing on the cheek tradition or the importance of food and drinks culture.

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Learning French with movies is one of the best ways to perfect the famous "R" sound, and also all other nasal sounds. Even though it may seem impossible, movies can help you. By listening to French, you train your brain and ears as well. Then why not train your tongue, too? Feel free to repeat sentences during the movie. Your pronunciation will be like a true Franςais(e) in no time!

  • Everyone can learn with movies- beginners and intermediates

You don't need to be an advanced or native speaker to enjoy French movies. Beginners can also learn French with movies and, what is even more important, they can understand them. Many films use simple sentence structures, and you can follow them without a problem.

  • Possibility to always rewind

While watching movies, if you don't understand some parts, you can always rewind it and listen to it again and again until you understand it. Next time, you will get better, and even when actors speak faster, you won't need to get back.

  • Listening to real situations

With movies, you listen to the actual real-life situations, phrases, and everyday expressions. This way, not only you get entertained, but you also learn French, e.g., slang or jargon.

There are many more advantages to learning French with movies. Some of you might ask, "Why French movies? Why not some talk shows or, perhaps, documentaries?"

Well, French cinema is one of the best in the world. French invented the whole concept of cinema. They shaped film-making, and have always been a source of pride for French. No wonder French movies are known worldwide.

To help you entertain and have fun while learning French, we've listed some of the French movies you should look for, and, of course, use to practice the language:

Le gendarme de Saint- Tropez- The Troops of St. Tropez.

Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain- Amelie

Un Prophete- The Prophet

Amour- Love

Intouchables- The Intouchables

Don't be afraid to make mistakes

Learning any new language is a difficult path. However, it is worth it.

You will make mistakes. Don't be upset or ashamed. It is perfectly normal to make mistakes, and it's not a problem.

If you, for example, have difficulties in pronouncing the nasal R letter, just keep trying. With your tutor, over time, you will correct those mistakes. You will learn to speak better. Be patient and take your time.

Always have in mind that everyone who is now fluent in French was once a beginner. After some time, they all managed to do it. And they succeeded.

If you're interested in learning French with online resources, you should try some of these cool options: Check out Babbel for fun, interactive lessons that fit into your day easily. If you want something more in-depth, there's a great French course on Udemy that covers everything from the basics to more advanced topics. And if you prefer learning with a personal touch, Lingoda offers classes with native speakers that can really help you practice speaking.

What is the best way to learn French with movies?

It is better to switch on the subtitles at first.

How many people speak French?

Approximately 220 million people speak French.

Why is French called a language of love?

French sounds amazing and passionate.

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