6 tips to help you learn a foreign language more quickly

6 tips to help you learn a foreign language more quickly

When learning a new language, the hardest part isn't grammar or vocabulary, as many might think.

The hardest part of learning a foreign language is that final step – speaking the foreign language and communicating with native speakers.

There is no magic formula that you can use to learn a foreign language in a week or two. The real magic formula lies in your will to study hard, to be dedicated and concentrated, and to give your best. Even then, there will be times when you will think that there is no point continuing or that you will never succeed. The vital thing in this learning stage is to keep trying or maybe consider changing your learning approach. In the end, you will succeed.

How to start learning a foreign language?

If you have already decided which foreign language to learn, that is a already good start. A simple one, maybe, but still the beginning of something new. Also, one of the essential things in learning a foreign language is your previous knowledge. Do you already speak the language a little bit or you are starting from the beginning? Or have you been learning/speaking the language as a child and since then forgot every single word? If you aren't a beginner, you need to take a test so that you can see your proficiency level. Tests can help you understand your knowledge of the foreign language as well as help you to make future learning plans.

How quickly can I learn a foreign language?

As much as this question is popular among people who start learning foreign languages, no one can tell you exactly how much time you will need - one, two, or six months, maybe a year, who knows? Instead of thinking about the exact time you will need to learn a foreign language, start thinking about how much you can dedicate to learning that language.

The following six tips can help you prepare yourself and stay focused when learning a foreign language:

Think and speak in the target language, even from day one

This is especially important for beginners, but it doesn't mean that those who already have some basic knowledge can skip this part. First, forget your native language. No matter how many words or phrases you know, think about the foreign language, speak in the target language. Make mistakes. Correct mistakes. Don't be ashamed when you make mistakes. This way, you will find out which part requires more labour and which one you mastered in no time.

Study every day and immerse yourself

It is crucial to understand that you have to study a foreign language every day. You need to develop daily habits. Use benefits of the Justlearn platform, connect with tutors who are native speakers, or read blog articles on the platform. There will be days when you will be so concentrated that you will be able to study all day. There will also be days when you will think you forgot every single word. Don't torture yourself those days. Instead, try the next tip.

Watch movies, shows, videos in the target language every day

Thanks to the 21st century, and our everyday access to the internet, tons of materials for learning foreign languages are available. Luckily, there are fun things that can help us be more productive. Search for exciting movies, TV series, or shows in the foreign language. You will not get bored, and yet you will learn through them. 

Visit the country where the target language is spoken

Not everyone has the opportunity, but try to travel or stay for a while in a country where native speakers around you can make you learn faster and more effectively. When you go to the country, you’ll have no choice but to give 100% of yourself and speak with locals. As days go by, you will realize that talking to them is more natural, and you will notice an improvement not only in speaking but in your vocabulary, as well as in your grammar skills.

The more languages you speak, the more natural learning the next one will be

This is not a myth; it's a fact. When you already speak three languages, for example, learning the 4th foreign language will be much more comfortable, especially if that language belongs to the same family language as language(s) you already speak. Use that benefit, connect similar words in your head to learn the new one.

You can follow all these tips, you can use some of them, or you simply don't need to use them at all. The most important thing is motivation. Be and stay motivated. It can help you master the foreign language you wanted to speak so badly.

How did you learn a foreign language? And how did you succeed? What was the most difficult part in learning a foreign language? Do you have some additional tips for other students? Feel free to share with us in the comments.

Is it possible not to make mistakes when you start learning a forein language?

Mistakes are a part of a learning process. When you manage to find and correct your mistakes, you will remember the rules or words better.

What is the harderst language to learn?

It depends on your attitude, but Mandarin Chinese is said to be one of the most difficult languages in the world. However, it is also the most widely spoken native language in the world.

How to find a motivation to learn a foreign language?

Think about the benefits you get when you speak a foreign language, set a clear goal and answer the question why you want to speak a certain language.

What is the best foreign language for learning?

There are many nice languages with their own peculiarities. You may start with English, as it is one of the most expressive, and flexible languages in the world.

When do people understand that they have already learned a language?

It is impossible to learn any language fully, languages always have something new ad interesting for you. They need to be improved constantly.

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