4 techniques to improve your English spelling

4 techniques to improve your English spelling

English spelling is a subject that tends to be very complicated and confusing at the same time. As a result, it stresses many students out.

However, good spelling is very crucial if you want to improve your writing skills, and this applies to both students and employees. Therefore, it is important to know some of the simple methods which can help you learn English spelling.

The following are the tips that can help you improve your spelling skills.


Reading can help you learn English spelling. It assists you in reinforcing the right grammar in your mind. Reading out loud can be particularly helpful as the combination of saying, seeing, and hearing helps to solidify what you’ve already learned.

Also, reading improves all the areas of your writing, from increased vocabulary to sentence fluency.

Grab a grammar manual

Having a comprehensive reference book to consult when writing can be beneficial. This way, you can have something to refer to in case you have a doubt about English spelling.

Today, there are various high-quality grammar manuals in the market, and you can consult with your writing instructor for recommendations.

Review the basic principles

Even though you might not be interested in English writing and linguistics, it is advisable to spend some time just to learn or review some of the basic principles.

You can research the fundamental parts of speech and also some of the common grammatical errors people make when spelling in English.

English spelling practice

Today, there are plenty of excellent resources that can help you enhance your spelling.

The internet, for example, has a multitude of sites that offer grammar exercises and games. Therefore, you can decide to set a few minutes every day to do these grammar tests, especially if you know your grammar is not good.

Also, taking a couple of English spelling practice tests every day can be very beneficial for your grammar knowledge.

If you’re interested in improving your English spelling, consider these excellent online learning resources: Kick off your journey with Babbel, offering user-friendly, engaging lessons tailored to fit seamlessly into your daily schedule. If you want something more in-depth, there's a great English course on Coursera that covers everything from the basics to more advanced topics. For a more personalized learning experience, connect with native English tutors on Preply, enhancing your speaking and comprehension skills. Take advantage of a 50% discount on your first Preply session by using this link.

How can adults improve English spelling?

Adults can improve their English spelling by practicing the rules and writing as much as possible.

How do I get rid of spelling mistakes in English?

If you want to stop making spelling mistakes in English, you have to focus on that area. Remind yourself of the rules and practice. Write as much as possible and have someone check for errors.

What causes poor spelling?

Poor visual memory tends to cause spelling errors.

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