27 Australian Slang Words and Phrases to Sound like a Local

27 Australian Slang Words and Phrases to Sound like a Local

When you are learning the English language, you are taught how to speak and write in a correct manner. Until you visit an English-speaking country you may start to hear some weird words that you may never hear before. An English-speaking country like Australia has many slang words and phrases that can be very funny and interesting.

Whether you are going to travel to Australia soon, or just arrived here are 27 words and phrases to sound like a local.


Slang for an Australian person is both an adjective and a noun. You may hear as well the “Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi” chanted or the “C’mon Aussie C’mon” the Australian cricket anthem.

A cold one

This is slang for “to have a beer”, you may also hear “to crack open a cold one” depending on if the beer is in a can or not.


This isn't a Barbie doll but what Australians call a “Barbeque”.


Is a short way to say “umbrella”.


An Australian way to say “Breakfast”.


If something is dead, or it's broken, for example, a mobile phone - you would say it's a “cactus”.

Choc a Block

To describe something being full, this could be a car, or if someone has just finished eating and is full, you would often hear “choc a block”.

Tracky Daks

Instead of sweatpants, in Australia, they are “tracky daks” (tracksuit pants).


Another word for a cigarette. 


Short for Devastated.


It is a portable cooler for drinks.


Short for “Football” (AFL or Aussie Rules kinds of sport).


A word for one of the Australian birds the Cockatoo, but also used to either describe or insult someone's intellect.

Hard Yakka

It means “work hard” and comes from the Australian indigenous language “Yaga” which means “work” in the indigenous language Yagara.


To describe someone who is a harmless prankster and always up for a good laugh.


The Australian way of saying the American fast food chain “Mcdonald's”.


It may be a place in England but it is the Australian word for bedsheets and linen.

No Worries

This means “no problem” or “it’s ok”.


Can be a short way to say “sausages” or “sandwiches” or a “sausage sandwich”.


Meaning pleased or excited about something.


Has two meanings, either you are full, or you are tired.


You may often hear “you little ripper” this is a compliment that means “that’s great mate”.


This doesn’t mean that you are unwell, it means “awesome”  or “disgusting” (it depends on the context)  in Australian slang.

Stubby Holder

Is a beverage holder like a can or a bottle, that is made out of a fabric or foam sleeve. It is made to keep your drinks cold.


These are actually what Australians call “flip flops” and you will see many Australians wearing them, not only if they are at the beach, but in shopping centers and cafes.

True Blue

If you are a “True blue” it means you are a genuine Australian.

Woop Woop

A word to describe places that are in the middle of nowhere, for example, “they live out (in/at) woop woop”.


Many of these words you may not hear as often in some areas or with the younger generation of Australia.

We hope you like these funny Australian slang words and phrases, and if you are traveling to or around Australia be sure to use some of them with the locals.

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