22 Trendy Australian Slang Words

22 Trendy Australian Slang Words

Australian English is similar to British, but it's much more than just accent.

Aussies have a laid back attitude and is reflected in the language they speak.

There are a lot of shortenings, odd phrases, and completely different words.

If you plan to go Down Under, or just practice to impress Nicole Kidman or Hugh Jackman, check out our list of 22 Trendy Slang Words Aussies use.

1. Esky

If you visit Australia, chances are it will be hot there. Nothing like a cool drink on relentless heat. Esky is a slang word for cooler where you keep your cold drinks or food.

2. Arvo

The very common expression and you will probably hear it often when visiting Australia. It's short for the afternoon. No brainer, right?

3. Barbie

They do sell Barbie dolls in Australia, but this expression is more often used for different purpose. Barbie is a barbecue, activity Australians do plenty and are very proud of.

4. Snag

When we talk about food, Snag is Australian enhanced version of a hot dog. A sausage, or a sausage and sliced bread and onions combination.

5. Stubby

If you're looking for a Cold one or a beer, you can ask to give you a stubby.

6. Slab

You want to drink the beer, but you are not alone. Why don't you ask for a slab, the 24-pack of beer?

7. Chuck a sickie

Being sick is not so bad in Australia. Besides their great health system, they use the cutest words to call in sick from school or work.

8. Bogan

An Australian version of a redneck, associated with cheap tattoos, bad teeth and atrocious style of clothing.

10. Goon

We got beer covered; now we need some wine info. Australia has remarkable wines, but in this case, we are talking about cheap wine that comes in a box. Perfect for hangovers and heartburn, but cheap.

11. Bottle-O

It seems like we have too many alcohol-related expressions, but we'll finish with this one. Bottle-O is a phrase for a liquor store.

12. How you going?

If you haven't checked our list of common English greetings, please do. This phrase is the Australian way to say "How are you?" or "How are you doing?"

13. Mozzies

Just like with being sick, Australians found a cute term for another annoying thing. Mozzies are a short expression for mosquitoes.

15. Thongs

Confusion alert! Thongs are an Australian word for sandals or flip flops. If you don't know this word, it might get awkward in conversation about going to the beach.

16. Budgy

Budgie Smugglers is a swimsuit brand that entered the language as a synonym for this type of beach clothing. It is most commonly used for men's Speedos type of beachwear.

17. Bathers

If you are not wearing outdated Speedos, you'll probably take bathers to the beach. Don't go to the Gold Coast without one.

18. Root

Another potential confusing word that could get you in a funny situation. Root is Australian slang for a sexual act, so be careful who you root for.

19. Servo

As we mentioned in our opening paragraph, Australians love short expressions. Servo is a shorter version of a service station, meaning gas or petrol station.

20. Footy

It's not soccer, or American football, not even rugby. Footy is one of the most popular sports in sport obsessed country and it is a short term for Australian football

21. Fair dinkum

Although it sounds like something a person living in the Middle Ages would say, fair dinkum is a very common phrase. Australians use it to say something is genuine, real, true.

22. Maccas

Yes, McDonald's is popular in Australia too, and you guessed it, they have a shortened word for it. Maccas is a short-expression for McDonald's restaurant.

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What is Australian language characterized by?

Australian English has a lot of shortenings, odd phrases, and completely different words.

Do Aussies often use slag?

There are slang words in any country and its inhabitants use them from time to time.

Does Australian English differ a lot from British English?

Australian English is similar to British English, but it has its own peculiarities.

Why are there many shortenings in Australian English?

Aussies have a laid back attitude and it is reflected in the language.

How do Aussies call mosquitoes?

Mozzies are a short expression for mosquitoes in Australia.

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