15 Best Spanish Podcasts to Learn Spanish (in 2024)

15 Best Spanish Podcasts to Learn Spanish (in 2024)

Just like Spanish is one of the most popular languages to learn, there are dozens of ways and methods to learn this exquisite language.

The language of paella, telenovelas, football, passion, and extraordinary people.

One of the proven right methods for learning, not just Spanish, but every language that comes to your mind is listening to audio and video material (podcasts and YouTube) and practicing with them.

In today’s world, with the availability of the internet and all the benefits we get from it, one particularly useful is learning Spanish with podcasts.

But you must be wondering, what are the best Spanish podcasts?

There are hundreds of podcasts for learning not only Spanish, Castellan, but also a little modified Spanish, spoken in Latin America.


How to choose which one is the best?

Which one gives you all the necessary information and teaches you in your way?

We’ve checked a lot of Spanish podcasts so that you don’t have to!

Here is our top 15 choice!

The Best Spanish Podcasts to learn Spanish


1. Duolingo Spanish

Level: from beginner to intermediate

What makes this podcast popular and useful is that it is based on actual and real-life stories.

There is Duolingo Spanish podcast for English speakers, so you can choose stories, which are half in Spanish, half in English.

It makes a great deal, especially to beginners, so that they can get used to spoken Spanish as soon as possible.

The first episode, or story, is available for free, and every Thursday, a new story is added.

Episodes are approximately 15 minutes long, and even though stories are about anything whatsoever, they put an accent on Latin culture, names, and characters.

Duolingo podcasts are not monotonous. On the contrary, stories are interesting, heartwarming, and very pleasant.

Visit the link and check for yourself: https://podcast.duolingo.com/spanish

2. SpanishPod101

Level: from beginner to intermediate

It is important to mention that this podcast is ideal for beginners and intermediate learners.

This podcast offers video and audio lessons.

Lessons are in a range from a couple of minutes long to max.15 minutes long, and notably with very high quality.

Their resources are helpful because the way they implement video lessons and dialogs into teaching makes them interesting and immersive.

The topics you are listening to in their lessons are easy and enjoyable.

In our opinion, the main goal is not to feel like you are learning but just listen to a dialogue on the radio, for example.

After classic dialog, lessons offer conversation in a slower, more understandable way to help listeners understand everything.

Please visit the link and try it out: https://www.spanishpod101.com/

3. Radio Ambulante

Level: from intermediate to advanced

If you are searching for spoken Spanish in Latin America, this podcast is the right for you. There is a reason why people call it ‘the pioneer of Spanish podcasts.’

Thanks to this podcast, you are not just learning to speak, but you are also learning the culture of Latin America, with a lot of emotional and historical topics.

The host is from Peru and his name is Daniel.

In each episode, there are different guests from different Spanish speaking countries.

Transcripts are available in both Spanish and English.

Take a look at the link: https://radioambulante.org/en

4. Notes in Spanish

Level: from beginner to advanced

This podcast is run by Marina, native Spanish speakers, and her husband, Ben, who is an English native speaker.

Each episode is constructed around a conversation. It can be anything, for example, some particular custom, or an exciting event.

What makes this podcast unique is the way they talk to each other. You don’t realize that you are learning while listening to their conversations since Ben also learns with you.

For beginners, after the conversation, all the new words and phrases are explained, alongside some basic grammar, and vocabulary.

One more reason why this podcast might be the right choice for you is that Marina and Ben gladly share with you a lot of tips and tricks in each episode.

Check out this interesting podcast on the following link: https://www.notesinspanish.com/

5. Coffee break Spanish

Level: from beginner to intermediate

The host of this podcast is Mark, who is Scottish, but fluent in Spanish.

Mark guides Kara and listeners through the whole Spanish language - vocabulary, grammar, but culture and society as well.

In this podcast, the dialogues are represented very clearly and concisely.

After the conversation is finished, the host explains the grammar and some new parts from the discussion.

Even though there is a variety of stories, that is, episodes from beginner level to advanced, it is better to stick to ‘beginner to intermediate’ level.

Have a look at this podcast on the link: https://radiolingua.com/category/coffee-break-spanish/

6. LightSpeed Spanish

Level: from beginner to advanced

The hosts of this podcast are one English and one Spanish.

Conversations between these two are very interesting and fascinating.

What makes this podcast worth listening is the interviews about Spanish culture in a way that keeps your attention.

For advanced learners, vocabulary is challenging, making you concentrate on expanding yours.

For every level of learning, there are free samples. Very often, there is a sale, so that you can buy a premium membership at least half the price.

Try it out using the following link: https://lightspeedspanish.co.uk/

7. Unlimited Spanish

Level: from beginner to advanced

Even though this podcast offers levels from beginner to advanced, we recommend it for intermediate learners, because it improves your listening and speaking skills.

It is recorded in high quality and clear audio pronunciation.

By choosing short stories or episodes from different points of view, you can learn about Spanish culture and the language itself. For every episode, you have help in the day in the form of transcription.

You can find the podcast on the following link: https://www.unlimitedspanish.com/podcasts/

8. Spanish Obsessed

Level: from beginner to advanced

Rob, fluent in Spanish, and Liz, Rob’s Columbian partner, are hosts of these podcasts.

You can listen for free four podcasts for all levels, and with annual membership, you have access to premium podcasts, transcripts, and exercises.

Additional premium podcasts offer the option to perfect your pronunciation, build your vocabulary as well as listen to native speakers’ interviews for advanced level learners.

One of the things that makes these podcasts interesting are short discussions, easily followed ranging from 10 to 20 minutes.

Find the link here: https://spanishobsessed.com/

9. Espanolistos

Level: from high intermediate to advanced

Andrea, a Spanish speaker, and Nate, who is American, have conversations that last around 30 minutes.

It is a conversational podcast where you can learn Spanish that is spoken in Latin America. Conversations are mainly in Spanish so that you can focus and work on your listening skills.

This podcast often gives very interesting topics with deep meanings, as well as controversial.

By using practical words and phrases that can help you with your vocabulary, this podcast prepares you for the real situations and conversations you can have with Spanish speakers.

Take a look and try it out from the following link: https://www.espanolistos.com/category/podcasts/

10. Discover Spanish

Level: from beginner to intermediate

This podcast is a kind of new program that gives you the basics of the Spanish language but in a friendly way.

It motivates you to learn Spanish quickly and easily, not only adults but children, too.

You have the opportunity to try it out for free, that is, to listen to the episodes for free.

To do so, just subscribe and take advantage of learning real-life and everyday situations.

This podcast is just one part of their big learning system.

If you get your membership, you can get much more that just podcast. You can get transcripts, grammar explanations, vocabulary, etc.

You can find the link here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/learn-to-speak-spanish-with-discover-spanish/id264318446

11. News in Slow Spanish

Level: intermediate

This one is the best podcast for intermediate level learners.

Native Spanish speakers talk about popular events, news, culture in a simple, but exciting way.


Speakers from this podcast tell stories very clearly, emphasizing some words or phrases so that the listener can understand every word they say. It is updated on a weekly basis.

What makes this podcast different from others is that you can choose whether you want to listen to Castilian Spanish or Spanish that is spoken in Latin America.

Try out this podcast: https://www.newsinslowspanish.com/

12. Podcasts in Spanish

Level: from beginner to advanced

‘Podcasts in Spanish’ is very exciting.

Natural conversations are what makes this podcast worth trying. And it is free!

You can also find podcasts for English speakers.

There are more than 250 episodes where conversations are so real and natural that you don’t have the feeling that you are actually learning a language.

With premium membership, you can get access to worksheets, exercises, vocabulary, and transcripts.

Episodes are short, approximately 3 minutes long.

You can find a podcast on the following link:  https://www.podcastsinspanish.org/

13. Nómadas

Level: from intermediate to advanced

This podcast is the best for you if you happen to love traveling.

Episodes are about different parts of the world, and podcasts are a traveler guides, especially to Spanish speaking countries.

Hosts of the podcast visit different countries in the world so you can hear different Spanish accents and slangs. For this, you may be needing transcripts, especially if you are a beginner level learner.

Visit the following link and try out: http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/audios/nomadas/

14. Universo Paralelo

Level: from intermediate to advanced

If you love science, this is the perfect podcast for you.

Conversations are about astronomy, physics, chemistry, etc., which makes an excellent opportunity to expand your vocabulary.

You get to learn new words and phrases that you can’t hear everywhere or on usual podcasts.

Don’t feel nervous because it’s about science. Conversations are simple, pleasant, and very casual.

One more benefit is that you don’t have to sign up or install some additional program or app, you just press the play button and enjoy.

And feel free to visit and listen to podcast:


15. La Parroquia

Level: from intermediate to advanced

Even though this podcast is the last one we are talking about today, it’s certainly not the least important.

It’s just like a cherry on top!

This podcast is full of humor with hosts Pedro and Arturo. They cover funny topics, but mainly media and pop culture.


The main goal of this podcast is to help you improve your listening skills, get used to Spanish humor, and also learn slang.

It is the reason why it may be a bit hard for beginners, but don’t give up.

By listening, you can only improve your Spanish.

Take a look and try out this podcast: https://www.ondacero.es/programas/la-parroquia/


Our conclusion about the best Spanish podcasts

All of these podcasts are here to help you learn Spanish in a more fun and unusual way.

Students memorize things better if they enjoy the process. That's why learning Spanish with games has become so popular.

You have fun and you learn at the same time.

The majority of these podcasts are free or have access to some free episodes.

If you find them useful, you can buy them and get unlimited and premium membership.

If you're interested in trying other language learning methods to improve your Spanish skills, you should try some of these cool options:
Check out Babbel for fun, interactive lessons that fit into your day easily. If you want something more in-depth, there's a great Spanish course on Coursera that covers everything from the basics to more advanced topics. And if you prefer learning with a personal touch, Lingoda offers classes with native speakers that can really help you practice speaking.

Are podcasts in Spanish helpful for improving my listening skills?

Podcasts in Spanish are perfect for improving the listening skills and enriching your vocabulary.

Why are podcasts in Spanish so popular?

Podcasts in Spanish are really interesting and effective for learning a foreign language.

Can I listen to the podcast in Spanish made by non-native speakers?

If the a person is fluent and you like the topic of the podcast, why not?

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