10 Signs That You Speak a Language Fluently

10 Signs That You Speak a Language Fluently

Language fluency is quite a difficult thing to evaluate because of all the aspects any language has.

We can all agree, though, that fluency is native-like speech most of the time.

Many people who have excellent command of a language still hesitate if they can consider themselves fluent in it.

This article should help you with evaluating your capabilities more adequately.

1. You think in the language rather than translate from your native tongue – that is usually the first sign of fluency, as you have gathered enough linguistic material to supply your own, unique thoughts.

2. You converse with ease on various topics.

3. You can watch movies without the help of dubbing or subtitles.

4. You read books in the language and understand most of the words – note that this is a very difficult feat to achieve, and absolute understanding is almost impossible.

5. You can easily remember culture-specific terms and expressions.

6. You have dreams in that language – I remember one of my teachers telling me about this one, and I can guarantee that if your subconscious mind speaks the language, you are on the right track.

7. When you contemplate something about your life, you often do it in the target language.

8. You differentiate accents and dialects.

9. You have achieved next-to-native accent.

10. You have accumulated a large active vocabulary (5000-10000 words) and have additional specialized knowledge in at least one sphere.

That is it! I hope I managed to ease your mind on this topic, as many people struggle with recognizing their own competences. Do not worry and keep learning!

How? You may ask. Using apps like Babbel and online course, for instance on Coursera or Skillshare can be great way to further improve your language skills.

What does fluency mean?

You are fluent in the language when you have native-like speech.

How to understand that I am fluent?

The first sign of fluency is the ability to think in a foreign language.

Do I need subtitles while watching a movie in the original in I am fluent?

You will perfectly understand everything without the subtitles, but sometimes you may still come across unknown words.

What vocabulary is enough to become fluent?

Fluent people have a large active vocabulary (5000-10000 words). 

When can I learn to differentiate accents?

If you can differentiate accents and dialects you have a good command of languages.

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